Sunday, October 11, 2009

CB11 wants to expand parkland

From the Times Ledger:

Northeast Queens residents called on Community Board 11 to prioritize the purchase of land for preservation at sites near Udalls Cove and Little Neck Bay during a discussion of the board’s capital and expense budget for fiscal year 2011 at a meeting this week.

The board held a public hearing Monday during which it solicited ideas from community members for priorities that could be placed in its budget. The items would then go before Borough President Helen Marshall, who would determine which items to fund for the 2011 fiscal year.

Walter Mugdan, president of the Udalls Cove Preservation Committee, proposed the acquisition of four acres of land near Udalls Cove that have not been included in the ongoing process of keeping development off the northeast Queens shoreline.

“It’s a small chunk,” he said. “There hasn’t been pressure for this property to be developed with the current downturn in development. But once that improves, it will be a prime piece of property.”

CB 11 member Henry Euler also suggested purchasing a piece of northeast Queens shoreline property for preservation. He said the board should add the acquisition of a parcel of land adjacent to Little Neck Bay on the south side of Northern Boulevard and east of the Cross Island Parkway.

The purchase would provide recreational space in the vicinity, he said.


Anonymous said...

And by contrast...what is CB#7 doing to acquire parkland?

Blessed little!

Bitterman sits there with her thumb up her ass as usual...enjoying her 85 thousand dollars a year plus perks...while Chuck "follow the buck" Apelian assists in stealing land from the Willets Point owners to hand over to private developers!

Hey, but...isn't CB#11 where all the Douglas Manor type swells live?

And isn't Flushing where the 3rd world hangs its hat?

Anonymous said...

you can thank the following liberal dems.for the third world illegal,undocumented society that now occupies illegal basements all over Queens.....d.manes,cong.b. rosenthal,g. ackerman and dems.etc.etc.etc. teddy, stop the influx,enough is enough. keep voting one party lines and you will continue to have created your own demise!

you love the marxist's,now we will all have to sing the "internationale",as the cuny law students did in 1988,at Queens College.