Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kids to get less parkland out of Yankee deal

From the Village Voice:

The Yankees might just bring the pennant back to the Bronx this year, but they won't be bringing ball fields to the borough for at least another two. The Bronx News Network is reporting that Heritage Field, the last of the replacement parks to be built on the site of the old Yankee Stadium, won't be finished until at least 2011.

There's been no shortage of recreational athletes and teams displaced by the construction of the Bombers' new $1.5 billion home. Macombs Dam Park, which contained baseball fields used by youth leagues in the South Bronx, was one of eight parks demolished when the new Yankee Stadium broke ground.

The Parks Department, whose website makes a " promise to replace every inch of parkland displaced by the construction of the new Yankee Stadium, while also providing additional usable recreational space," originally said seven of those eight parks would be finished by opening day this past

Alas, it has not gone to schedule. Bronx ball teams played their home games in other boroughs this season. And as for that "additional usable recreational space," the civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel says that when all is said and done, there will be four acres less of parkland than there were before.


Adolf Bloomhitler said...


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Anonymous said...

Disgusting. As predicted. But still disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Bloomhitler. Has anyone told you that you are an annoying fuck?

Anonymous said...

because it was very important for asswipe steinbrenner to have his new toy regardless of cost or enviromental impact. there was NOTHING wrong with old yankee stadium. classic example of rich men and there wants.

Anonymous said...

Parkland? Who needs parkland?

Taxpayer said...

Yes, we all knew from the start that the Commissar was lying and cheating the kids out of what was "promised".

We'll soon see how clear to all New Yorkers how much this turtle-faced freak loathes kids.

Unborn? "Kill it!"

Born? Cheat them out of parks, education, hospital care, safe streets, financial security for their parents. Build their schools on toxic land. Fire teachers who blow the whistle on that scheme.

Let's dump this mindless child predator.

Trust your own eyes and judgment.

Take control back. Otherwise, your kids and all the kids in this city are done for.

Stop the madman! Dump him on Nov. 3!

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Bloomhitler. Has anyone told you that you are an annoying fuck?

Fuck you very much.

Anonymous said...

Any comments from the guys who were dumping on the Mets about Willets Point?

Anonymous said...

No surprises except that they are getting less at all! The community if the representatives have any balls should stand up and make the Yankees look like Monsters (PR stance) and sue the bejesus for damages to pay for much more green and park space in and around the stadiums. In fact part of the compensation should come in the form of 5% of week-end game scheduled tickets to be set aside for local school students in a perpetual way.

Stand up for neighborhoods - don't let the POLS give away the store!

panzer65 said...

There has been a public outcry not only about depriving taxpaying citizens their parkland, but also the demolition of the historic 1923 Yankee Stadium, and a portion of it it known as Gate 6, which is in its original condition and spared from the '73 reconstruction. This gate is currently in negotiation to be preserved at the entrance to Heritage Park, which will be the footprint of the original field. I do hope that Bloom Idiot comes to terms with both of these concerns soon!!

Anonymous said...

Very coordial hack. Thanks for the courtesy. NOW get honest.