Friday, September 12, 2008

When the wall comes tumbling down

Demolition crews tearing down a one-family home on 27th Street in Long Island City felt the earth move on September 3 as the rear wall of an adjacent building gave way and sent mechanics at an auto repair shop running to the street for safety.

Fire officials said workers from the 1st Class Wrecking Group were completing demolition of the house at 40-36 27th St. at about noon when underpinnings providing support to a rear wall of a building at 25-11 41st Ave. gave way, causing the wall, half the ceiling and the floor of the building to collapse.

Demolition Work Causes Wall Collapse


Anonymous said...

Too bad that's not the home of
that queen of corruption
Claire Shulman depicted here!

Manes, of course, was her king.

Anonymous said...

CB1 the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

Let me go on and read about this.

Lets examine the thread and see what is important there:

-happy no hipsters in astoria (no, but no real surprise there - Astoria is about as unhip as it gets)

-new totilla place opening (that is called 'news' in Astoria?)

-bedbug discussion (hey, now there is a nice way to promote the neighborhood)

but no, alas! no disucssion about overdevelpment.

Anonymous said...

We are from Astoria.

We do not talk about such unpleasant things.

Everyone here is happy!

Lino In New York said...

"-bedbug discussion (hey, now there is a nice way to promote the neighborhood)"

A friend of mine (Mexican) was driving me from Bayside back to the N train, along the way we saw some furniture thrown out. Among the items were two beds, sure enough, they had the word "BUGS" spray painted on them.

He had mentions that lovely trend while we were en route.

My friend had brought back his very own case of bed bugs from a visit to his home in Mexico. After months of fumigation, sprays etc, to no avail he finally redid his whole bedroom costing some $4700.

I know alot of Greeks and never recall hearing of this problem from them.

Anonymous said...

1st Class Wrecking. One of Tommy Huang's demo contractors. Need I say more.