Friday, September 12, 2008

Meeting of the minds in Brooklyn

From Urbanite:

The five BPs in the city got together at Junior’s restaurant for a summit to discuss “keeping or doing away with term limits, the City budget, mayoral control over public schools and budget cuts at the Department for the Aging (DFTA).

Other topics on the agenda:
- Deputy Borough Presidents: Why the hell are they necessary?
- New techniques in supermarket ribbon cutting
- How to intimidate a community board
- Cheerleading for unpopular megadevelopment projects
- Ways to hollow out neighborhoods without folks noticing
- Political patronage job creation
- Shutting people up via discretionary funding
- So little to do, so much time
- Donald Manes: As bad as they say or just misunderstood?


Anonymous said...

over the hill, overweight, underachievers.

Anonymous said...

How is it I live in Queens and can still find both Manhattan Beep Scott Stringer and Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz two of the most annoying and obnoxious elected officials in the 5 boroughs?

Anonymous said...

Who is paying for this dinner? Why cant they eat sandwiches from a deli to discuss WORK- I am sure they are not getting together as friends over dinner.
Taxpayer money from appetizer to dessert. NICE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dump the position of Beep.
It's totally unnecessary!

I can do a better job handing out high paying patronage appointments
and collecting bribes from the builders!

Anonymous said...

Look at where the "elite" meet to Brooklyn.

They wouldn't risk eating any vibrant/colorful mystery meat in
Councilman Liu's district!

Anonymous said...

They should have rolled a stink bomb under the table!

Anonymous said...

you forgot the most important issue on the agenda.

How many calories are in the cherry cheese cake? Or should I just have the plain cheese cake?

any flies on the wall to tell us how they tipped ?

Anonymous said...

government waste

Anonymous said...

Fat jokes. The level of discourse from the "people" never fails to amaze.

Anonymous said...

Whoa these guys must be getting ready for some big job.

Which one is Don Cheech ?

Rochdalian said...

As a Brooklyn resident, all I can say is take my Borough President.....please!!!!!!

And considering it's Junior's, you could probably roll a stink bomb in there and not know the difference.

Anonymous said...

Extra pounds on one's exterior indicates a penchant for over consumption in a greedy relentless pursuit of political power.

Hence, corruption and "fat" references usually go together
like meat and potatoes!

How many anorexic pols can you name that would constitute a majority?

georgetheatheist said...

Have you ever eaten in Junior's? Second-rate diner food.