Monday, September 15, 2008

Vallones have different opinions on term limits

If anyone is biting his nails over term limits, it's the Vallone clan of Queens.

There's the father, Peter Vallone Sr., who was City Council speaker until 2001, when municipal officeholders were first limited to two consecutive four-year terms.

And there are his two sons: Peter Vallone Jr., who took over his father's Astoria seat and faces term limits next year, and Paul Vallone, now running for a different Council seat in Queens.

Vallone family tries to come to terms with term limits

Now an influential lawyer and lobbyist, the father said he has been recruiting "a group of people who care about the city" to support a third-term extension. He wouldn't name names.

The elder Vallone said he would prefer extending term limits by another referendum but that "there's not enough time."

Like several others, Peter Vallone Jr.'s political strategy is up in the air. He opposes term limits but won't say how he would vote on an extension bill.

"I will deal with whatever comes," he said. "But I'm looking forward to my next stage in public service."

Paul Vallone, 41, is less tossed. His first bid for elected office is being waged in the 19th District of Bayside/Whitestone, where incumbent Tony Avella has announced plans for a mayoral run.

Paul Vallone faces several rivals for Avella's seat, including civic leader Jerry Iannece of Bayside Hills, who considers the son an Astoria carpetbagger trading on his family name.

So it's Vallone or Iannece, eh? Bayside is soooo screwed!


italian girl said...

So if Bloomie wants to extend term limits, I wonder if Avella can run for his seat as well. I really don't want a Vallone.

Anonymous said...

The Vallones have moved into many different Queens neighborhoods over the years to secure legal residency for their long term careers of carpet bagging!

At least they move into the nabes they're about to screw, unlike the Staviskys who maintain dual residency!

Anonymous said...

Bayside is sooo screwed.

Well knuckleheads, stand up to 'em!

Anonymous said...

Memo to anyone who wants to run against them (ya listin Baside?):

Take pictures of the declining community of Astoria. Go there on Holloween. Walk down Steinway. Check out the filthy sidestreets.

Take a photo montage and bring it back to your neigbhorhood.

Ask them if this is what they want.
Pictures can be powerful.

Anonymous said...

"So it's Vallone or Iannece, eh? Bayside is soooo screwed!"

What's the story with Jerry Iannece? I remember when he ran against Avella the first time, and he seemed very knowledgeable about zoning issues.

(And, FYI, the district covers Broadway-Flushing, too.)

Old Time Astorian said...

"Not enough time for the public to get involved ..."

Astoria increasingly is run by a small clique of elderly people that refuse to let anyone else get involved.

They attend an endless round of mind-numbing events that carefully follow some script that was laid down in the 1950s. Their walls are lined with little meaningless awards they give each other at these occasions.

They turn the community over to outside developers for a song.

Outside of photo opts in front of seniors and kids, they do nothing for the infrastucture of the community but blaim everyone from Bush to Bloomberg to Con Ed.

They themselves take no responsibilty.

They increasingly have fewer and fewer things to do with the community - they are rarely seen shopping there for example, and never seen at street fairs.

They seem to spend as much time as they can away from there.

Astoria is a cow to be milked. No one wants to stop the process of hollowing it out.

It is painful for long term residents to see this happen.

It is inexcusable. This is the legacy that generation will leave.

Anonymous said...

Paul is the only Vallone that has come to grips with the fact that... HE"S BALD!

Anonymous said...

FACT - Vallone, Sr. was the one implemented the slush funds and used them as a weapon against the Council members. I will never forget a Councilwoman coming out in tears saying "He said vote my way or no day-care center" At least he didn't send someone to break her legs.

Anonymous said...

Keeping a set hair triggered
mouse trap in your pocket is a damn good idea with the Vallones trying to go through everybody's pockets!

Every community they've touched
with their dirty hands have turned into shit!

Anonymous said...

I'll take an Ianneci over a Vallone any day.

A least he's a local opportunist and won't steal too much from his constituents.

He ain't dumb enough to kill the golden goose that feeds him.

Whereas the Vallones are so voracious that their greed outruns their brains and they will cook that goose then move onto greener pastures!

Anonymous said...

They increasingly have fewer and fewer things to do with the community - they are rarely seen shopping there for example, and never seen at street fairs.

Who shops at 99 cent stores (can you see Athena at El Mundo Discount for heavens sake) or goes to Bangladeshi supper clubs (the very thought of Rose Marie at one is are real howl) or goes to a Mexican takeout (place the name of your favorite community board member here)

But speaking of the community board, they are front and center when it comes to cluttering sidewalks with cafe tables and the waterfront with development.

In that sense, they are still deeply involved in the community.

Anonymous said...

Political pickpockets,
starting with "saint" Charlie
"the judge" Don "V"!

The Vallones have secured their
first and second generation fiefdoms and now they're looking for a third!

The scum buns!

Don't let 'em in your nabe!