Monday, September 15, 2008

Mike supports term limit extension if Chris stays speaker

Mayor Bloomberg wants to ensure that Christine Quinn keeps her post as City Council speaker before he decides whether to extend term limits, according to political insiders.


The insider said the mayor is making calls to line up support for Quinn so he wouldn't have to deal with a new speaker if the term-limits law is revamped.

She and Bloomberg have formed an unusually close political alliance over the last three years, a sharp contrast to the mayor's antagonistic dealings with the previous speaker, Gifford Miller.

Even if Bloomberg decides to support a change in term limits from eight years to 12 - a move that would allow him and Quinn to run again for their current jobs - there's no guarantee she'd retain her powerful leadership position in 2010.

That decision rests with the other 50 council members, who generally take their cues from the Democratic county leaders.


Anonymous said...

Throw all uh dem (make that capitol "D"... as in "Dems") bums out!

So, Bum-berg wants another chance to "save" NYC....huh?

Then leave it and take the garbage
out with you!

miles mullin said...

I tell you what - what do you say the voters just stay home and give them life tenancy? Lets call them the House of Lords. That would make them happy right?

So where is the NYC elite on this outrage? Where is the media?

Wasting their life in idle indulgence sipping dark and stormies in Bermuda?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Of course he wants "Clairol Christine" to stay on as speaker.

He doesn't want her running against him whilst seeking his third term!

This pint sized Napoleon needs to be whittled down further.

Anonymous said...

We hear that the Queens KKK
(Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks)
are supporting an extension of term limits!

They can't bear
to lose their cushy jobs!

Imagine that dynastic Queen Toby S. having to work for a living if term limits were imposed in Albany?

Though she's probably got enough dough from Leonard's bulging campaign war chest to live out her remaining days in grand style.

But son (of bitch) Evan will definitely have to sweat it out
because mamma's gonna spend every last bit of hubby's $$$$$ !

Are your ears burning Evan ?

Anonymous said...

That "Queens KKK" mob
are a bunch of brown sheeted brown-nosers!

Trilby said...

OMG-- Will somebody please tell mayor Mike that he does not OWN NYC like it's one of his business ventures! He can't decide who stays or who goes. It is up to the voters. And when people who were voted into power use that power to overstay their welcome, we have dictatorship. Nuh-uhn! Not gonna happen.

turtle-face asshole Bloomberg said...

Bloomin' Idiot