Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Say a prayer for the Green Church

It's really sad that people made such a big stink about 2 Columbus Circle but have completely ignored the plight of this beautiful, landmark-worthy church building all together. It speaks to the sad, sad state of preservation in this city. LPC: "If it's not in Manhattan, then why give a shit?"


Miles Mullin said...

Overturn the landmarks law. The mainline preservation community has cut a deal.

Hands off our communities and we will say nothing as the developers take apart the rest of the city.

Cool except that everyone, from LPC, HDC, MAS, Conservancy, etc etc write grants as if they represent the five boroughs.

If you misrepresent yourself to granters, you should be cut off.

The landmarks law should be overturned.

Frank Lloyd Crap said...

Two Columbus Circle..

That's the hallmark of the sell-out preservationist. Those who whine about saving a windowless slab of concrete.

Anonymous said...

LPC = Lying Pieces of Crap! Wanted For The Rape of Queens & Neighbors

Anonymous said...

F*ck them gweedos.
Let em move to the city if they wants some culture and history. But they don't...cuz they're gweedos. They'll buy some new chains and watches and we'll all have forgotten about this by...what were we talking about again?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



means low life locals