Monday, September 8, 2008

Ratner razes 85 trees

NoLandGrab's roving photographer, Steve Soblick, found a lovely new addition to the footprint: tree stumps! The addition of the tree stumps doesn't seem to be concerning residents so much as the removal of 85 trees permitted by the NYC Parks Department. In exchange, 85 trees are to be planted elsewhere in the city.

I Think That I Will Never See...

Just think of the great photo op as Ratner plants a sapling!


Anonymous said...

Ratner is the sap!

He thinks he'll live forever.

Wait until he faces his final judgment and a roster of his earthly transgressions are read aloud perhaps by the angel Gabriel.

And then the Lord G-d of Israel shall pass sentence on this wayward Jew!

Yes indeed, only G-D can make a tree.

How many years in hell do you get for at least 85 counts
(plus his other crimes) of arborcide these days? !!!

Anonymous said...

Sure, cut down a tree in the area of NYC that is to be hollowed out (guest workers, who are slated for that area don't care cause they work 16 days) and plant one in Manhattan or Long Island City.

Simply an allocation of resources where they are most useful.

Since your representatives dont care about you or your taxes, and the newspapers will breathlessly report your rep's latest resume building stunt, you can scream to high heaven and no one will give a crap.

Anonymous said...

Ratner & the Parks Dept: There is no excuse for cutting down 85 (mature) trees. Planting them elsewhere does NOT justify murder. Every tree that's cut down is a scar on nature and the city's soul. It depletes our neighborhoods of beauty, livelihood, and also releases more CO2 in the air. If I was Mayor, I would throw you the hell out.

Anonymous said...


jerry rotondi said...

"Hang old Bruce Ratner to a sour apple tree...."
(in effigy, of course, otherwise I might get arrested as an accomplice before the fact, ha, ha)!