Monday, September 8, 2008

Queens churches merge

Parishioners in some Queens churches are going to notice some changes Sunday.

The Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens has merged six churches into three parishes around the borough to save resources and money. Two Brooklyn churches have also been combined.

The mergers, which took effect Sept. 1, are the fourth wave of reconfigurations by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio since early last year.

Individual churches will remain open, but the number of Masses is likely to be cut.

Financial concerns cause diocese to merge churches in Queens, Brooklyn

Good news for Queens' tiny Tudor church. Queens UNICO is also trying to save a Brooklyn church.


georgetheatheist said...

Jesus said: "Do good and avoid evil" So, why do you have to attend church? Look at all the time you could save to do other things.

Anonymous said...

maspeth mom says...
Why doesnt Bishop DeMarzio tell us how how much of the parishoners donations goes directly to Rome?
Does the Vatican/RCC think we are fools? The Pope and his minions need more money? They have wealth beyond compare and they still want more. Greed ...Sloth Lust.....

Anonymous said...

The Catholic church has to pay some hefty settlements and legal fees resulting from their boy buggering priests!

Mathew advises the devout to avoid
the din of the temple
(the church of its time)
and not to pray with the hypocrites
therein but to find a quiet corner where one can offer their prayers heartily unto the Lord.

Sound like some good advice both then and now!

Who was it that said religion is dead?

Thank G-d that faith
(which has nothing to do with organized religion) is alive and well!

But it's a great pity to be losing some breathtaking ecclesiastical architecture.

Anonymous said...

The Papacy is poison!

Anonymous said...

You are going to see a lot of this going forward.

And of course, the Sacred Sites Program will continously solicit donations as if they represent the 5 boros, then spent it on Manhattan.

If you are foolish enough to call them they might meet with the developers in your community and say 'go ahead.'

Nice, dont you think so?

Anonymous said...

I guess they keep the little boys tied up in a dungeon.