Sunday, December 9, 2007

A simple question

Why did NYC spend millions of dollars converting our pedestrian signals from English words to symbols when on a multitude of them "the hand" and "the man" both light up at the same time? Maybe the mayor really wants there to be 1 million less people by 2030 and this is a way to thin out the herd.


Anonymous said...

Because someone who knew someone was offering a contract.

Taxpayer said...

And, following Anonymous # 1: Whose million dollars was spent?

Anonymous said...

These screw ups
are probably from those same Donald Manes' lads
who brought us the Parking Violations Bureau scandal
20 some odd yeas ago!

ken said...

the little bulbs in these pictorial pedestrian crosslights also seem to burn out quicker, causing the lit figures to have missing arms and legs and heads.