Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting the shakes

Tenants of a Jamaica apartment building and developers of a nearby construction project are trying to figure out what is causing bad vibrations between their structures - literally.

Jamaica tenants upset by shaking building

Residents of 88-22 Parsons Blvd. say that the demolition work being done at the old Queens Family Court building, located at 89-14 Parsons Blvd., has caused the street to shake so hard that their building constantly rumbles. Tenant representative Amy Anderson said the shaking has become so bad that she and her neighbors feel as if they are living on an earthquake fault line.

"I'm not used to having my toilet bowl moving when the floor is shaking," she said. "It feels like the ground is going to open up and we're all going to fall in."

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Anonymous said...

The other building is a block away and causing the shakes? Not good.