Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Great Queens Mosaic movie!

Multicultural Jamaica eatery inspires immigrants' tale in indie film

The Reel Queens: Kitchen Confidential

Set near John F. Kennedy International Airport, which represents the continuous flow of people to and from the borough, the film features a variety of characters from many backgrounds: the diner's Greek owner (played by Mandy Patinkin, of "The Princess Bride" fame), who notes that 140 languages are spoken in the neighborhood; the plucky Chinese waitress (Eugenia Yuan); her suitor, an abrasive co-worker (Aaron Paul) who alludes to a former jail sentence; a German regular at the diner who literally embodies the film's title; and Jorge (Octavio Gomez Berrios), the quiet Ecuadorian protagonist, to whom "Choking Man" refers to more figuratively.


And the NY Times has written - get this - a travel article about Queens. Yes, we know, we're diverse.



Anonymous said...

Manhattan people regard Queens as an ethnic dump. Who is going to mingle eating and shopping with your staff?

Want an ethnic dining experience? If you are a Manhattanite you will go to a restaurant in Manhattan - Queens eateries look dirtier and use body parts of mystery meat that are shunned by mainstream culture.

Want that unusal exotic gift? A host of stores with cache in Manhattan await you - you are not going to 82nd street to mingle with cabdrivers for that special gift for your sweetie.

The point here is that the Times will gleefully make Queens the ethnic dumping ground helping with the process of clearing out the dark skinned peoples from valuable Manhattan real estate.

The losers in Queens can only internally seethe at this characterization or gamely nod and smile (we don't want to make a peep and be called 'Archies' now, do we?

PS Ask the immigrants of Queens and unless they are hooked up with the clubhouse most will tell you they can't wait to leave the immigrant dump they freely admit they are ghettoized in.

Anonymous said...

A borough of over two million people and all they can every think about is 'immigrant' and 'international'

Thanks clubhouse!

Anonymous said...

Oh here we go again with this Mosiac stuff again, didn't that failure former Mayor Dinkys coin this word?

And that what we got from him, he does not live in a mosiac building yet alone anywhere near Harlem or still better yet near his beloved USTA complex that reroutes jets over our homes when the Open is on so that his rich white friends and Hollywood pals can enjoy the matches.

Anonymous said...

not every part of queens in a housing project, just the places where you see huge brick structures erected from the foreground. One thing is for sure, if you want to destroy the value of your home, petition to have a housing project built next to it, that will surely make your dreams come true....

Queens (flushing/bayside/whitestone/ anything past shea stadium be it above to below jewel avenue) is a really nice place to live. Although if your making $50,000 a MONTH, you prolly won't like it as its not as lavish as other areas.

Anonymous said...

first it was rainbow coalitions
and now it's bustling, vibrant mosaics.

Sounds like some politicos
have been shopping at Pearl Paint
and snorting a few lines of coke!

They, for themselves,
choose much less "colorful"
(if you know what I mean)
neighborhoods to live in....
far from the din and stench
of places like Flushing or South Jamaica....
for example !

Anonymous said...

to the democratic tweeder's dictionary....
if it isn't already included !

When you hear phrases from
"bustling, vibrant, mosaic"......
it's time to move.

Your hood is about to be downgraded .

Better to get a good price now for your crib....
before your new "neighbors" move in
and lower its value.

Ta.....ta !