Sunday, December 9, 2007

"Poor" Manhattan family seeks help

I kid you not:

Family Begs Strangers For A Million Dollars

Not a very convincing argument. Pack it in and move to Queens.


Anonymous said...

We don't want these folks in our parts - someone please help this poor family comprehend that their funds would barely buy a crapper place in Queens anyway and that they are desperate to avoid joining the little people in crappy land. They would be besides themselves without Zabar's and Fairway. Trader Joe's is just a shadow of those places and of course this family would most likely not adapt very well to maintaining a yard and subject to defending themselves when using Flushing Meadows Park! Please Mr. Bloomberg step in to save this family from this potential despair!

Taxpayer said...

Why doesn't this "wonderful, hardworking, middle class family" become politicians or developers?

That way, they can earn the needed money the old fashioned way here in NY: hard core corruption.

Have the Commissar appoint one of them DOB Commissioner to replace Lancaster. They'll be rich in weeks. Naturally, other electeds and appointees (and judges too) will want their cut too, but, with a little effort and thrift, they can have the entire family entrenched in well connected jobs in the city and state level.

With some luck, they can hook up with Clinton and Spitzer to sell pardons and early paroles (or drivers licenses to illegal aliens).

Their future can be unlimited by any legal, moral, social or any other constraints on their work.

Go for it!

ken said...

if there are any philanthropists out there with a million to spare I suggest they donate the money to a reputable charity organization that can put it to proper use.

Anonymous said...

These type of snotty hipsters wouldn't be caught dead.....buried in a Queens cemetery!

They'll have their ashes sprinkled
on the median divider.....somewhere on upper Broadway when they croak!

I agree with Anon #1.....we don't want
shit-bags likes these dead or alive in Queens.

Let them look for an apartment in Jersey!