Sunday, December 9, 2007

Shop 'til you drop at Queens Center Mall

Shoppers, rev your engines.

Starting Dec. 20, you can tool through the sprawling Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst looking for bargains and last-minute holiday gifts around the clock for four straight days.

When the doors open to start the merchants' marathon, they'll stay open until 6p.m. Christmas Eve.

Queens Center Mall to stay open 'round the clock for holiday shoppers


Anonymous said...

Great. It's dangerous enough around there in broad daylight. Now we can have 24 hour mugging.

Anonymous said...

pssst... Starting in 08' the Queens Crossing located in Flushing will also open, it will directly compete with the QC mall.

Anonymous said...

Most of the restaurants and retail stores
in Queens Crossing seem to be Chinese.

"Mulan" ???? a new Disney/TDC restaurant ????....

Yeah.....some VARIETY targeting mostly Asian buyers.

I don't do any shopping in Flushing.....
save for a quick pick up some stuff at Duane Reade.

Manhattan's the place.....from my stop only 23 minutes by LIRR!

Anonymous said...

Is there any good things to say about neighborhood in general instead of complaining.. I would like to hear may be some suggestions at least.

Anonymous said...

They should make a Hollister store, In the Queens Center Mall. That will make the Mall Better. Hopefully they can make one soon. Please & thank you :).