Sunday, December 9, 2007

The 8th Blunder of the World

A massive McMansion is being built at 214-81 33rd Avenue, in Bayside. Designed by an acclaimed architect, its first floor is lined with arched windows resembling tombstones, possibly to convey a message to nearby neighbors: “If you don’t care for the size of my pumped-up palace and its expansive balconies that overlook your backyards and bedrooms well then you can just drop dead!”

- Ken Klinger
Queens Crap ensign


Anonymous said...

This architect was too ashamed to write who gave him the award. Do us all a favor and go back to your sandbox!

Anonymous said...

that area of (old) bayside has/had some of the nicest victorian and queen ann style homes in the boro.
extremely large homes built in the early 1900's. i would imagine a lot of them were boarding homes at that time. they are being replaced by ugly brick and concrete bunkers.

Mark said...

My friends,
You can say good bye to the old style and nastolgia of Queens. It has been sold to Korea and China for the cost of American integrity. The Asians that will be living next door to you don't care about what Bayside or Whitestone or Little Neck used to be like because they weren't here back then.
The next time you buy something check the label and chances are good that it was made in China, and don't be surprised if the man that imported it to the United States is buying the house across the street.

Anonymous said...

Baysiders deserve their share of this kind of crap.
They always thought their shit didn't stink.

"We will never be Flushing-ized"....they'd proudly say.

Now it's worse....they've been sodomized
by an architect/rapist.....
is it Jerry C the darling of the Queens AIA
who was responsible for this "beauty"?

Welcome to the club !

ken said...

didn't know that about the boarding houses. Some of the homes were also owned by movies stars like Buster Keaton, Gloria Swanson and Pearl White, who stared in those "Perils of Pauline" serials back in the 1910's. Boxer James Corbett had a home in the area too. Think there's a plaque in front of that (still standing?)home. Plaques are about as much as one can hope for here in Queens. :(