Saturday, December 8, 2007

Urban trash on the A train

On the videotape, a pair of foul-mouthed girls are seen berating and taunting the straphanger, who keeps his cool.

"I kept saying I was just waiting for my stop," he said. "I told them I didn't want to fight. Then for some reason they took a swing. I put my head down."

Holmes' 4-minute-18-second tape ends with the swarming teenagers pounding on the man, who does not fight back.

'A' train victim talks, may go to cops


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Anonymous said...

This incident with groups of teens taunting a restrained guy holding himself back is a feared situation that anyone riding the subway dreads. That's why there is no eye contact among riders to avoid the "wat you looking at boy" trouble. The guy is really restrained in this incident and could have bolted out the door at 1 point, but that could have led to everyone piling on him in a quiet station. Now I will say this: as a white guy and defend myself, it could become a racist crime. My word against many. If I hit back, I could be pummelled by the large group of folks as witnessed in the video. I know like anyone else whatever the race that a group is fearless and can strike a lone individual without provacation. Others in the same car can only standby helplessly for fear they too will experience a beating. This situation is typical when school lets out and occurs on buses and trains daily.Brave guy.

Anonymous said...

Its only a hate crime if you switch the races involved. Why does Chuck Heston from 1968 come to mind when I watch this video.

Queens Crapper said...

The victim in this instance is not white.

Anonymous said...

calling Bernie Goetz
your time has come again

Anonymous said...

I would have gone straight to the cops and filed a complaint to get these people in court and see justice done.

Were I the victim, I'd also like to confront these knuckleheads and have them explain to me what was in their heads.

More and more I find myself wondering WHY criminals do what they do, since I don't have violent impulses that I act out on.

It's likely, though, that the answer is that there is no answer.

Anonymous said...

I hope big Al Sharpton sees this video. Disgraceful!

georgetheatheist said...

The camera operator actually interviews 2 kids: "Do you have something to say about this? Do you have something to say?"

There is some kind of media "fanning-the-flames" situation going on here. Why was the camera operator not attacked? There was a playing-to-the-camera effect going on.

BTW, this is what Bill Cosby refers to when he says to African-Americans "your dirty laundry is on display every day when school gets out."

ken said...

subways would be a lot safer and pleasanter if teens were made to ride in separate cars.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to East New York, one of the finest and most vibrant parts of Brooklyn!

Anonymous said...

So if the guy is hispanic and getting beat up by Black girls, that would be exempt as a racist incident?

westernqueensland said...

This one was disturbing. Mostly because 3pm is the most dangerous time of day on the subway. I don't think I have a solution, but I am ashamed. Kids these days... Mind you I was a pain in the ass in the 70s, but I feared consequences. I also studiously avoided troublemakers, more often than not, they found other trouble makers to beef with.

Russell said...

That happened to me on the 6 train once. The little punk was really being disrepectful to a pregnant woman and then tried running up on me when I said something. I grabbed him by the throat and put him up against the door and said what were you saying? He was cryin for his momma! Luckily we got to the next stop and his cowardly buddies ran and left him, I let him go and ran off.

I hate bastards like these. I never did anything like this when I was younger but I ain't taking any shit!

Chris Da Crisis (aka C-Titty from Chi-Town) said...

Fuck those monkey-ass bitches! I woulda slapped tha fuck outta them. And my buzzed-ass prolly woulda been drinking on the damn train too like I do here in the Chi (Chicago)!

Anonymous said...

yes, they are the loudest, most obnoxious on the train. they take up half a car because everyone is afraid to sit or stand next to them.

i want to see Sharpton the reverse racist come out and say something!

as with russell's incident this happened to me a few years back. being a woman and wearing office attire one of them tought he'd be smart. he had no idea what my background is, in the end he had wet his pants. but this is not a solution. education is, beginning with parents and the first 5-7 years they are being raised at home.

Michael said...

Al Sharpton did say something.
He said "it was a horrible crime and disgraceful" and that he would "assist in any way needed to help persecute the victim's attackers."
It is not a lie that minorities were victims of racism throughout history but over the past 15 years (give or take) racism against minorities in NYC is on a huge decline but reverse racism against caucasians and those whom appear caucasian has dramaticaly increased.

Anonymous said...

Maybe IT IS time for closed circuit cameras
to be installed in ALL public transportation!



nickleby said...

In olden days....
many a merry English gentleman
sported what was called a "sword stick"....
a cane which contained a lengthy blade within.

No ruffian or hooligan would get the best
of one of these lethal gents
aboard a London street coach!

But today we are more civilized.....
and that would just make things worse.

Russell said...

Yeah the thug would get away with the help of the bleeding heart liberals and Al Sharpton and the man who defended himself would have a world of misery and legal problems!

"The Right to Bear Arms", yeah right.

Anonymous said...

If an MTA employee is assaulted
under state law the assailant
could face up to 7 years in prison.

I believe this was the outcome of the new
Homeland Security provisions
for interfering with vital
public transportation services.

So if A THUG or group of THUGS
is interfering with the same system
throw them in jail where they can be butt-f---d
to the heart's desire of their new cell mates!

Happy shower break you scum !