Thursday, August 30, 2018

In case you missed it: The gubernatorial debate

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and challenger Cynthia Nixon square off at Hofstra University on Aug. 29, 2018, in their only debate before the primary election. The pair have several fiery exchanges and accusations on who can best lead the state.


JQ LLC said...

What a horrible scheduling of a debate, a vacation week heading for Labor Day.

The only significant part of this debate between a inherently corrupt governor and a horrible unqualified candidate, besides both of them being oblivious hypocrites, is that both of them refused to respond to Ms. Kramer's question if they would accept Mayor de Faustio's endorsement. Which confirms that the mayor is more toxic than the lead in public housing that he tried to conceal.

Gary W said...

At least she dot Coumo to admit he is a liar.

CUOMO: Can you stop interrupting?
NIXON: Can you stop lying?
CUOMO: As soon as you do.

What a buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the last sequel to Dumb and Dumber.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is there a Republican candidate? if so, will Cuomo debate him/her?

Anonymous said...

I am proud and happy to report that you wiped the floor with that Mafia-thug/maggot/Mongrel this evening, Wednesday, August 29, 2018, at the ONLY debate that was covered by WCBS-TV, Channel 2 News.

But, getting back to tonight's debate: Now, stop me if you've heard this before―but, was President DONALD J. TRUMP a part of the debate? Because, if he wasn't then someone should have told that to 'Gargoyle Andy' Cuomo (of the dynastic, Cuomo career criminal enterprise of all LEGALLY organized corruption, graft and greed). That's all that this hyper-corrupt, entrenched and establishment-rigged, DemonRat hustler relied upon, Donald Trump, for the greater part of a predictable hour, as he brazenly (and shamelessly) deflected, confabulate, diverted, dissembled, and delay, deny―and, hope that you die! And, someone actually issued a law degree to that unfunny circus clown?―I know actual criminals with more integrity and comportment!

Worse, he refused to admit that it was CUOMO himself who is responsible for the MTA (just like his sycophantic, brown-shade-of-lipstick wearing henchman, Catherine Montrose feigned clueless when I asked her who runs the MTA, when she responded that she didn't know, and that was before she refused to tell me her name―just like what happens in many Third World and Banana Republic provenances). Worse, my telephone calls were intercepted by this emotional vampire at the switchboard level (that's the kind of corruption and heft that passes for public service at the Executive Chamber of Horrors (inside of that 'haunted ski lodge' located in Albany).

The capricious and arbitrary renaming (in secrecy) of the Tappan Zee Bridge is an outright, criminal disgrace, Ms. Nixon―along with the entire record of Little Andy's hustling father, Papa Bear Mario himself! Hence, you were so consummately wrong to lord any pretense of praise and recognition onto that low-life, Sopranos-style, faux-patriarch, and his shabby clan of epic, humanitarian (and ecological) fail. The Cuomo Family Scourge gives MENDACITY a bad name! Don't ever soil yourself in the corporate obedient press by fawning over an openly practiced criminal enterprise like the Cuomo Dynasty―because, no one has ever CHANGED the MAFIA by joining it! (continued. . . .2)

Anonymous said...

Trump's grandfather shopped at Cuomo's grandfather's store.
Trump and Cuomo grew up in the same neighborhood.
The joke is on us.

Anonymous said...

Normally it is between the bad and the worst ...but this time is "worst and worst"...God help us.

Anonymous said...

Now that I've seen the debate, I really hate the both of them. They are both out of touch with the average New Yorker. I'm voting for the Republican. Can't be any worse than these two.

Anonymous said...

There you have it. He admits to lying . He is corrupt as corrupt can be.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo is a corrupt machine politician right out of Tammy Hall and certainly hasn't done anything to improve the State of New York.

As for Nixon, she's a dope beyond words. The very first question was what are your qualifications to lead a State of 30 Million people with a budget of over $ 168 BILLION.

Her answer: "I've lived here a long time and graduated from high school in NYC."
She then went on to complain about or disgraceful schools.

What a pathetic Hobson's Choice.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, she exceeded my expectations for the performance. Clearly she listened to her coaches: she was able to deliver numerous jabs and counters. Don't think Cuomo really had to break a sweat, though. Though he got a bit snide at times, he kept his cool. What did she think, a couple of months of prep would make her a contender against a guy who's been practicing this for the better part of his life?

I do hope she wins the primary though. Either we'll have Molinaro who at least has some sense to help reverse the state from heading toward fiscal disaster, or nut job Nixon to accelerate us there much faster, and hopefully in the process wake up the silent majority who don't vote for their next chance in 2022.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Marc Molinaro. Anyone is better than these two. We all better start praying if either one of them becomes Governor.

georgetheatheist said...

How come no one asked Cuomo about his role in causing the Great Recession of 2008?


Anonymous said...

"The Subway System in NYC has been owned by the State of NY since 1965!" So why is Cuomo trying to distance himself from all of the problems that his Governorship can't resolve. I bet it's been awhile since he or his daddy have taken a subway to work in the morning. Another disenfranchised Cuomo. The lady had it right!

Anonymous said...

>Trump and Cuomo grew up in the same neighborhood.

IIRC, Trump is from Jamaica Estates and Cuomo is from Douglas Manor.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the Demcrats always want identify with President Donald Trump, when they're about to lose an election. Bye Bye Andy! She's more than a match for son of Mario!

Anonymous said...

I’ll vot for Larry Sharpe if he gets on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll vote for Cynthia in the primaries so the Republican can win. Please tell me why an educated privileged Italian American insists on speaking like a Puerto Rican. No disrespect to Puerto Ricans. Mario would have us believe he's a jibaro.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Cuomos lived in Holliswood.

Anonymous said...

(continued. . . . .Part Two)

Also, who in hell made this a totalitarian, dictatorship, police state of monarchy rule, I shouldn't wonder? The Taylor Law MUST allow ALL public service employees to strike forthwith, and if Governor Shithead is so concerned about crippling strikes―then, WHY THE F**K DOESN'T HE DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY FROM THE STOOGES WHO FORCE A STRIKE ON WORKING PEOPLE IN THE FIRST F**KING PLACE? That's HOW ACCOUNTABILITY works―that's WHY it (used to) WORK! If this crooked governor wasn't so busy appointing 42% increases to his Albany 'Friends & Family' payroll, then maybe he could stop sleepwalking long enough to know that he and his filthy cronies (of cradle-to-grave, womb-to-tomb government, taxpayer-funded dysfunction) aren't the ONLY people (actually, sub-humans) in this state and country who are willing to fight for a fare and reasonable wage that keeps pace with ever climbing inflation―you know: like the governor's vastly overpaid, self-appointed salary and his ugly henchmen (all of whom are in jail, or headed there EXCEPT the kingpin of audacious crud HIMSELF)!

No once WANTS to strike―it's a NECESSARY EVIL that is always FOISTED onto a working people by corrupt, dishonest, and recalcitrant management, all of whom ALWAYS wait years after a contract expires, and then they take ZERO ACTION to negotiate in fairness. Shouldn't THAT be ILLEGAL??? Besides, it's called 'Collective Bargaining' for a reason―NOT 'Collective BEGGING!' And, where are any pretense of serious fines and penalties for MANAGEMENT, when they deliberately allow a contract to expire without any attempt to negotiate in a timely manner. And, why isn't there any mandatory schedule for contract negotiations to prepare six months BEFORE a union contract expires? Why do the hardworking people always get the 'Delay, Deny―And, Hope That You Die' treatment, versus executive and managerial compensation, all of which is determined by and for management, without any outside, independent salary review and evaluation like the REST of the legitimate world must abide by?

Alas, in the filthy and 'BIZARRE-O' world of 'Gargoyle Andy' Cuomo (and his Executive Chamber of LEGALLY organized crime in Albany), I no longer worry about what is ILLEGAL in Albany's ULTIMATE 'House of Cards 'N Mirrors)―but, rather what is STILL LEGAL (since Little Andy's 'Big-Nosed Daddy took office decades ago, and slowly massacred New York State government like a rabid ax murderer on steroids)!

Name a bridge after than venomous termite? I wouldn't name a raw sewage plant after that rapacious dirtbag of nuclear proliferation! LEAVE THE F**KING BRIDGE ALONE: IT'S THE TAPPAN ZEE BRIDGE (ALWAYS and FOREVERMORE), and an integral part of Dutch history that imparts great historic value and rich, cosmic portent!

Besides, NO FILTHY POLITICIAN (not public servant!), deserves to be named after ANYTHING (except dirty and disposable diapers)! They are NOT heroes and they never HAVE been!

There really needs to be a second debate, Ms. Nixon―if only to finally hear back from that 'Monetary Locust' who stunk up the stage to finally tell the truth, and to answer ALL of the questions that were presented to him with HONESTY and ETHICAL comportment.

But, what can anyone expect from a dynastic, vulgarian crumb like THIS tyrannical fungus, who CONTINUALLY LIES, CHEATS and OPENLY STEALS (other people's YOUTH, LIVES, LIVELIHOODS), EASIER THAN HE F**KING BREATHES! (continued. . . .3)

Anonymous said...

(continued. . . .3)

Case in point: The governor lied, nearly four years ago, about his alleged acceptance into the Independence Party (when he was running for reelection), and a Daily News reporter questioned him in upstate Cooperstown at the Baseball Hall of Fame, and asked if he would be accepting their endorsement, to which he mendaciously replied: ❝Those are going to be decisions that will be made sometime down the road,❞ when Pinocchio had already accepted the Independence Party's crooked endorsement! If that wasn't egregious enough, then this voracious, megalomaniac thief halted the Moreland Commission (that he previously initiated), at the EXACT moment in time that the Commission was preparing to investigate the governor HIMSELF (the other two slugs at the top that made up the 'Three Kings of Albany' have already been indicted, tried and sentenced to jail―EXCEPT CUOMO).

And, what's this disgraceful business of Marcia Kramer, a purportedly unbiased anchor chair puppet, doing giving Cuomo a kiss on the F**KING CHEEK??? DID YOU ALSO RECEIVE A KISS FROM THAT WALKING CORPSE, MS. NIXON?

What a dog and pony show! From what I could easily glean, you, Ms. Nixon were COMPLETELY ON CALIBER, and your cobwebby opponent Caligula (who looked like an alum of Vampire University - so apropos for a voracious bloodsucker), relied on conjecture, hearsay, opinion, perception, speculation, emotion and feelings, NOT FACTS!

Fellow media vampire, Marcia Kramer should be ashamed of herself for showing extremely poor judgment by kissing that low information, 20th century, warmed over, dynastic kleptocrat, and his entrenched kakistocracy of intensely incompetent henchmen, all of whom rested on their well lubricated loins while the entire MTA New York City Transit Authority rotted and decayed like Pompeii―with Albany's blessing (and apathy, complicity and indifference―FOR DECADES!

If this depraved governor is reelected to an illegal third term, then I hope that nuclear proliferation prevails upon New York State―it would be a whole lot easier to rebuild once the CUOMO SCOURGE is exterminated―the only way our oppressed and languishing people will ever be able to live freely again.

❝Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.❞ ――Robert LeFavre

❝“Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.❞ ――Friedrich Nietzsche

❝The system cannot be fixed by the system.❞ ――Tom Morello

❝No man will ever be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.❞ ――Denis Diderot, French philosopher

❝The truth will set you free――but, FIRST it will make you angry.❞ ――Gloria Steinem

Anonymous said...

Hey, how can you trust ACRIS. I can find where regular folks lived in the 1950s, but if they are politicians, it gets purged.

Anonymous said...

Trump: 85-15 Wareham Place 11432
Cuomo: 85-85 Chevy Chase 11432
Five blocks apart on Henley Rd

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine, a Democrat, says, "What difference does it make if they both grew up and live in the same neighborhood. Trump is a jerk and Cuomo is a great guy!" Go figure!

Anonymous said...

According to the NY Times, Cuomo grew up on Grosvenor St in Douglas Manor.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of folks in Jamaica Estates remember his antics.

Anonymous said...

Andy's ferral activities caused Mario to move to a hood more amenable to his in-laws.
Remember in 1984 when he sent a police copter to rescue his father in law from a mafia brawl?
Or Matilda's cousin Frank Gito being gunned down in 1987?
Doug Manor was a mob bedroom back then.