Friday, August 3, 2018

Help stop idling

From NBC:

Vehicle idling in NYC is not only bad for the environment, it's also not strictly enforced, but now you can help enforce a decades-old law and get paid for it. The I-Team's Andrew Siff reports.


Gary W said...

Can't wait for the day I can earn money for ratting out my neighbors for improper recycling, parking to far from the curb, using a plastic straw.

How about we let the people who get paid to enforce the laws, enforce the fucking laws!!

Jeez Louise!

JQ LLC said...

Yeah, right. Here's what happens when city workers (NYPD) are caught idling

As for that guy who said it's not about the money. What a load of shit.

Ned said...

Oh so now they to enact the first KGB in America? If this Trojan happens it will be the first of many to come!! That's just great, legal and illegal espionage residencies in New York City.
How what about the mayors convoys of a half dozen black gas powered air conditioned SUVs of armed security detail and press idling at curbsides and streets?
What a bunch of fucking Commie hypocrites !! How stupid voters let them take control of greatest city on the planet should be a Federal crime.

Nikita Khrushchev— and Leonid Brezhnev would be proud.


Anonymous said...

We New York City peasants and possums are living under a police state, totalitarian, monarchy style dictatorship, where the 'King of Kakistocracy' himself, Bill de BLASS-hole doesn't live by any and all rules——he makes up his own for his crooked self, and his sapphic, wanna be wife, and her publicly unauthorized, taxpayer-FOISTED payroll that shells out over $300K yearly for two personal lackeys to Empress Chirlane, when she is not publicly elected.

And, let's not forget how much idling is done by the mayor's gas guzzling detail, much less the daily idling that passes for work (lunch and a manicure as a stressful day at City Hall), ethics, accountability, transparency, public trust and leadership (that has never led by example), at City Hall——now, more corrupt than the same bastion of hypocrisy that City Hall was, when Boss Tweed reigned over it, more than 100 years ago.

If THAT doesn't scream 'FUCK YOU' to all hardworking, law abiding New York City residents—— then, I don't know what does!

❝Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.❞ ——Robert LeFavre

Tony Notaro said...

You can't enforce this law. Do you know just how many third worlders idle their vehicles? Mark my words, if this was aggressively enforced, within a year you'd hear the screams of racism and disparate impact and all the other bs the defenders of the third worlders can spew

Anonymous said...

Seriously? They're going to PAY people to snitch on their neighbors? You know this isn't going to end here. Double park for a minute, someone drops trash on your lawn, go faster then the ridiculously slow speed limits, and your fellow citizens will make bank getting you in trouble.
We have to nip this in the bud before it spreads to every fineable offense.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks1 Communism is the new normal!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How about strictly enforcing all dereliction of public duty that the filthy-and-corrupt cabal of kleptocratic politicians inflict onto their ever languishing constituency, with impunity? That alone would engender millions in daily fines for their 'taxation WITHOUT representation,' which is the reason why New York City is the greatest padded cell of corruption, graft and greed in the universe. Worse, New York City came in as No. 48 out 50 states that are the worse run, with only two other states faring worse off than this ravaged-and-tonsured city of openly practiced government tyranny and anarchy, with zero quality of life, freedom and democracy!

Anonymous said...

Go to any taxi stand or restaurant drive through . Plenty of idlers there.

Anonymous said...

Rat bastids,karma will get ya.

Anonymous said...

How about those guys who cook on the street and pollute with huge amounts of toxic smoke and particulates for 9 hours a day.Like the guy on Bronxdale ave near 233rd. St?

Anonymous said...

Excellent. The MTA is the biggest offender of this law. They line up their buses along Metropolitan Ave every morning and idle twenty to twenty five minutes at a time. Several reports and still no end in sight.