Friday, August 3, 2018

Area may have been hit with a tornado

From CBS 2:

Queens residents are waking up to storm damage Friday after severe weather moved through the area.

After 10 p.m. Thursday, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Queens, the Bronx and northern Nassau County and some College Point residents reported seeing funnel clouds, CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis reported.

It’s still not clear if a tornado did in fact touch down, but severe thunderstorms did roll through the area, knocking down trees and power lines.

A two-mile stretch of College Point to Whitestone took the brunt of the damage, however there have reports elsewhere. In Jackson Heights, pictures of downed trees were taken near 86th Street and Roosevelt Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Love the website Crappy, it is outstanding and certainly had a hand in toppling the first dynasty - Crowley - and we await the next - but tornadoes are something perhaps more for the news.

How about cover stuff like this:

Interesting thing happened yesterday. By looking into you can start to have even more influence - city wide.

We always complain how powerless we are in the face of the machine, at that Village Voice article certainly opened our eyes that the city is run by a batch of 2nd grade bullies.

They always tell us the community preservation depends on a host of factors - getting the community behind you, doing your research, even having the elected officials, civics, and community boards supporting your effort - which in Queens we all know is pretty much a pipe dream.

The other day the folks in GVSP, which sets the standards for doing the 'right thing' on these issues, tried to fight from having their community taken over as a 'tech center' (whatever the hell that means), but we can assume its not good - especially for a community that has the rich fabric of theirs. And after we was the community eaten by Columbia in upper Manhattan we know that what is about to happen will not be pretty.

City Council voted against it. That is right, City Council completely ignored the community's wishes. Now in Queens, where we defeat ourselves by saying the mantra'You can't defeat City Hall' as we start out the gate, that is pretty much the norm.

In this case it wasn't, and they were still tossed under the bus.

The key point here for our Crappy readers is - which council people from Queens voted to do something like that to an innocent community.

Now of course, we can hide behind the myth that what happens in Manhattan stays in Manhattan (and since they have a lot more going for themselves than Queens, they are more than happy to reciprocate - which leaves us a abject control of 'tha boys.'

So in this case, and others like this, why don't you do a piece and list our borough's reps that are doing the nasty to other communities by their votes.

You see, they only way we can every have a real victory (instead of doing the same losing thing over and over) is to start to do the things the Party does, look at city wide behavior.

This does two things.

Its stops us from being so dependent on the cockeyed local news we get in our borough, but the dynamic community progress outside of Queens and

it exposes the real underpinning of development in NYC: the 1/3 of city council from Queens that, since they ride roughshod over us, have no trouble being a permanent pro-development block for the rest of NYC.

Our Queens delegation can work with local rep in Brooklyn or Manhattan, who know that they can get nice press by 'helping' their community - yet knowing full well that its a fool's errand that will go nowhere.

And they also know that should they cross our local Queens delegation, they can get nothing passed for their communities.

By opening the door and helping the other boroughs, it would obligate them to help us and expose that 90% of what we hear from official circles is garbage.

Anonymous said...

Too long a post.
KISS....keep it simple stupid!
This is a blog not a post graduate study course. You've got as much wind as Crowley yourself.

Anonymous said...

Why is the weather changing ?
If you want to "Wake Up"
You can read why here:

Anonymous said...

I agree- long winded and had nothing to do with the story about the weather.

JQ LLC said...

Anon 1

You could write your own blog you know. That's what I did.

Anon 4 That link is a 404, but I know what it is.

Half the state of California is burning up, 60 citizens from Montreal died of heat complications in unprecedented record temps in Canada, the atlantic ocean devoured 10,000 tons of sand in Rockaway in a few short years. And now torrential winds are now producing tornadoes in of all places, the "world's borough"

I have a feeling that the news media is going to start acknowledging climate change in their weather reports pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

Funny long winded but there is a point in there (at least its not Civic Virtue Guy).

We should keep tabs on all votes by the Queens Delegation. Its been said before. They are the core of the development frenzy for the entire city. I would wager a dime they were the ones behind that stunt hurting GVSP.