Saturday, August 18, 2018

City allocates additional $8M for Middle Village sewer project

From the NY Post:

The city has finally earmarked $8 million to fix ­aging sewer lines in Middle Village, Queens, that have caused fecal flooding in residents’ basements — a day ­after The Post revealed how the repairs had been promised for a decade.

“My God, I can’t believe it,” said longtime resident Vito Cascione, 60, whose 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham was flooded with sewer water during a recent heavy storm.

“The Post’s article really raised eyebrows and a lot of questions, so hopefully we can get this resolved once and for all,” Cascione said.

The 74th Street and Penelope Avenue sewer project, which was first proposed in 2007, sat unfinished for nine months after contractors dug up contaminated soil at the site and needed the extra dough to safely excavate it.

City Hall confirmed to The Post Friday afternoon the money has been allocated and will be processed through the comptroller’s office “soon.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Design and Construction expects work to resume “by the end of the year.” The contractor in charge of the project said about another year of work is still needed.


Anonymous said...

Guess the hipsters are gonna move in so the system, after years of decay, must finally be upgraded for the yuppies!

Anonymous said...

How much of this was from lack of maintenance, whether from the superstructure or not clearing the drains/outlets from debris?

The majority I would think.

What did all of that taxpayer money go to?

Whose pocket did they line?

Anonymous said...

They would never do this if it had happened in another zip code.

Anonymous said...

Sewer projects are all the vogue in the U.S.A.! Every town you look at has a sewer project underway, for hundreds of thousands or millions. Why? What! Do they have interconnected brainstorming meetings or just go on political junkets and get together with contractors to cook this stuff up and the books. Watch out New Yorkers, your Mayor and his cronies are about to fleece you again.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous Anonymous said...

They would never do this if it had happened in another zip code."

the zip code has nothing to do with it. They've done flushing and maspeth already.
They should have done middle village but the funds were moved to other projects previously. The residents of Maspeth pays their taxes like every other neighborhood. Stop trying to start something.. this is where all the class issues start from.

Did you see the neighborhood after these storms? The cooper ave underpass a car was actually completely covered in water. Would you want your parents to have to clean this shit out of their houses in their old age? give me a break about the zip code.
The area was neglected and this is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

"Stop trying to start something.. this is where all the class issues start from."

Folks, pay attention. This is what a professional paid shill looks like. Don't forget.

Anonymous said...

The zip code and makeup of the neighborhood has everything to do wit it !!

Anonymous said...

The zip code and makeup has nothing to do with it - did you read the post article?

"The city’s Department of Environmental Protection said the existing storm drains can handle only 1.5 inches of rain — and after that storm, it vowed to fix the issue with drains that can handle 1.75 inches.

It slapped a $22 million price tag on the project, but waited nine more years to break ground in May 2016. It was then halted in November 2017 when contaminated soil was discovered.

The city’s Department of Design and Construction said an additional $8 million was needed to finish the job, but those funds were never allocated."

They are paying taxes like every other homeowners - bottom line is no one should have to accept these conditions. People love to play the race/class issue. How about it's time for the city to actually help the homeowners communities that are paying taxes instead of receiving handouts? You all act like the community is asking for something for Free.. they PAY TAXES to keep these things maintain. I know I have to pay my bills on time. stop with this class nonsense.

TommyR said...

Fecal matter in the basement; gross. As above, so below? LOL..joking (somewhat). This is unacceptable: I'd hope Bob is making calls and getting answers.

On a related (sort of) note, Calamus Ave home owners are contending with stripped streets and more digging, again. As long as it gives fixed properly (this time, for sure!)... There are some workers making bank on this one four block strip by 69th alone, I swear.