Friday, August 31, 2018

Caption contest over before it begins!

It's the Friday before Labor Day and someone has been having fun in Van Bummer land. I tip my cap to you, whoever you are! (Perfect "smugshot" on that poster as well.)


Sunnyside Al said...

As long as you have liberal developer money backing you, no one can get in your way.

Ask Mayor De Blasio, he’ll tell you how it works.

The next City Councilperson for this district (I assume Van Bramer will eventually be term limited, unless they change the laws again) in which I grew up could be on an Ocasio-Cortez level.

I appreciate Van Bramer for what he is because it can, and will, get worse.

Anonymous said...

I like the Take Back LIC Group which is firmly in Jimmy's pocket:

The leaders of the tenant groups in NYCHA have relatives working for the politicians.

LIC Coalition seems to have Mystery Man Mike Gianaris and it that Sheila L in the photo - the website has the upcoming May meeting TBA - hey folks, is September!

(sigh) When will someone tell the Queens people that this sort of thing does NOT have politicians and the politically connected?

Anonymous said...

Van Bramer will probably be our next Borough President. It's time for people to get out and vote out all these criminals. They are selling our neighborhoods out from under us.

Anonymous said...

he will not ever be our next boro president you can take that to the bank - and also the bottom line should read all proceeds go to JVB as he is always taking money. Whomever made the posters deserves a reward.

Anonymous said...

Between the openly practiced corruption, graft and greed by terminal shithead, Bill de BLASS-hole, and the dynastic, LEGALLY organized crime family ring up in Albany's Executive Chamber of Horrors, New York State government has SHARPLY devolved to a ravaged-and-tonsured landfill of completely entrenched and establishment-rigged corruption, for which even ACTUAL organized crime family rings worldwide couldn't possibly rival, much less surpass, the 'Death Grip' stranglehold that ALL of the exclusionary, politically false, fake and monstrously failed (fungi) leadership (that has NEVER led by example), has been FOISTED against an ever languishing, ignored and damned constituency (not to mention the total lack of respect, overt hostility and a completely hostile, taxation WITHOUT representation environment that only reinforces a dereliction of public duty that continually betrays the oath of public office, with a vengeful impunity that is unprecedented, to date.

Now, I only spend the Winter months in this dystopian, hollow and nihilistic death star of a borough, because George Orwell wrote his Biospheric tome, '1984' as a WARNING, y'all——NOT a F**KING INSTRUCTION MANUAL!

Anonymous said...

In the end (as in the beginning!), TRUTH is TREASON—in an EMPIRE OF LIES!

❝The truth will set you free—but, FIRST it will make you angry.❞ —Gloria Steinem

Alas, SLAVERY didn't END in 1865, y'all—IT EVOLVED!