Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Now this just stinks

From the NY Post:

Please stop planting trees that make our sidewalks smell like puke.

That's the plaintive cry from city residents about ginkgo trees that have fruit so foul it can make you gag.

About 200 of the offending arbors were put in sidewalk strips this spring as part of Mayor Bloomberg's Million Trees campaign.

They provide lots of shade -- and plenty of putrid and mildly poisonous berries that outraged homeowners are picking off their cars and stoops.

Assemblyman William Colton of Gravesend has asked officials to stop planting ginkgos.

"They are only supposed to put in the male tree -- it doesn't produce the berries -- but they've been putting in females, which is driving everybody nuts," said a Colton rep.


Anonymous said...

Better than the bushes that smell like semen.

Mayor Mike said...

Better than the bushes that smell like semen.

Hmmmmmmmmmm. Let me think about that for a minute...

and justice for all said...

We have those up here in the Boogie Down as well.

A few of them are situated in front of a notorious crack building.

Moby Stashitsky said...

Smell? What smell?

Anonymous said...

The city is NOT putting in NEW female trees. The ones that YOU are smelling are old growth ones planted 80 years ago.


Anonymous said...

What idiots for putting these in - put them on the Highline park instead!