Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mosquitos are getting worse in Rockaway

From the Daily News:

Mention summer in Rockaway and most people will conjure up carefree images of sunbathers and surfers.

But just a few short miles from the beaches, playgrounds sit empty and patio furniture is off-limits as summer has been hijacked by swarms of mosquitoes.

For years, local officials and the city have locked horns over the mosquito problem, which hits Bayswater, Arverne, Edgemere and other sections close to Jamaica Bay especially hard.

Decades ago, pesticides were used freely in parts of the Rockaways and elsewhere to control mosquitoes. But that was stopped due to environmental concerns and other issues.


Anonymous said...

A new reason not to buy into "Arverne By The Sea"!

Anonymous said...

aO's from the city dont know what they are talking about.
The main culprit is freshly born female green heads that blow over from NJ swamps and set up shop in the salt marshes.
Very aggressive, THE WORST and products like "Off" don't stop them

Green Heads

Anonymous said...

Malaria carrying mosquitos all but disappeared with the use of DDT. But the environmental wacko's got it banned .

Malaria is epidemic in Africa, because no DDT is used.But American taxpayers spend millions for nets to sleep under over there.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 3:

A different view of DDT:

It was banned in this country during the administration of that noted environmental wacko, Richard Milhous Nixon.

Anonymous said...

read wikipedia,"1962 Rachel Carson,"Silent Spring & the U.S. ban"
although the concern for ddt on the wildlife began in the 1950's ,in 1962 JOHN KENNEDY, asked his Science Advisory Committee to investigate.

the E.D.F.( environmentalists) sued and the U.S.Court of Appeals ordered the begin deregistration of d.d.t. in 1971.

India is still using it.

Lefties never tell the complete story. Demonize ,Demonize !!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

Good try, Gramps.

I did post the whole item; as such I told the story. You're the one who cherry-picks, just like Sean Hannity and those fun folks at Fox News.

The fact is that while President Kennedy may have asked for an investigation, no specific action was taken until (as you note) 1971, when Richard Nixon was President and his appointee, William Ruckelshaus was EPA head. They should be praised for that (for the record, this is the first time that I have ever praised Richard Nixon for anything). You called them Environmental Wackos. Therefore, as always, you are the one doing the demonizing.

Another point: there have been four RepubCon Presidents since Nixon: Ford, Reagan and the Bushes. Have any of them sought to relax the regulations against DDT? Why do you think?

Anonymous said...

And India still uses DDT? No surprise. Ask the people of Bhopal about Indian environmental policies.

Queens Crapper said...

I'll sum it up for you in a nutshell. DDT caused the eggshell of many species of birds, especially birds of prey, to become too thin and nesting failed year after year. The populations of these birds plummeted and it led to many endangered species. There isn't a link in the food chain that the environment can do without. It was banned, the populations bounced back, and despite this, people here aren't dying of malaria.

Anonymous said...

Again, a U.S.Court of Appeals Judiciary banned DDT,not The Executive branch of Government .

RE: Bhopal,India ,wikipedia Stanley Chesley, the leader of the legal group (100 plus ) who attempted and failed to get the U.S.Supreme Court to hear the plant explosion case in the U.S. his group financed the attempt and lost in court.

His wife is a federal judge. he became a multimillionaire by suing corporations. he is called the "Master OF Disaster".He was indicted for stealing
from his clients awards, recently in federal court.

a major fundraiser for both Clintons ?????

Some, who know him well, claim he was a typical "ambulance chasing lawyer", in the first class section of Delta planes from Cinn. to N.Y.C.

Anonymous said...

"Again, a U.S.Court of Appeals Judiciary banned DDT,not The Executive branch of Government ."

What we have here is classic, purposeful myopia by a person ignorant of how government and regulatory agencies work.

A lawsuit was brought by an interested group of citizens -this could just as easily have been a pro-business group, Government issued a regulation and interested parties with an opposing point sued to block the new rules.

Based on evidence present, they lost.

That's all dittohead.

All that a thin intellect such as you can see is the fact that the process was begun during a Democratic administration.

BTW: If it's not too much to ask, you might read the -science- on DDT's effect on humans.

Anonymous said...

So, you finally proved that R.Nixon did not ban DDT.
Now that was not to difficult to say.

BTW the E.D.F( environmental defense fund) some say "whackos" were the actual group which took the suit to the courts for litigation. Not a corporate group.

is there bias in your blood?

Could you detail the malaria deaths around the world during the past forty years. Will you add the local "west nile ", mosquito borne killing of birds and humans ?

please do not quote a leftwing document,please.

Anonymous said...

I didn't "proved" anything like that and I stay with my original statement, gramps. DDT was banned in 1971, when Richard Nixon was President. Period. No RepubCon President has sought to change that regulation.

I will defer to what Crapper said on DDT's impact. You didn't respond to that. Mosquitos and similar insects have been handled very well without DDT.

Anonymous said...

By the way the other points that you were responding to were raised by someone else. Let them respond to that.

Anonymous said...

well i guess you are guilty of omission again.

if one reads Wiki (ddt) to "Uses Against Malaria " :
the World Health Organization in 2008 states that it esimates 243 million cases of MALARIA and 863,000 Deaths (mostly children).
89 % of the deaths were in Africa.
12 countries now use DDT, and the number expects to increase.

take your pick: insects,wildlife .....OR HUMAN BEINGS ?

My relative contracted malaria during WWll, in the Pacific. It is not curable and disables the victim all his life.Quinine was the relief drug.

Anonymous said...

the world health organization estimates that in 2008 there were 243 million cases of of malaria and 863,000 deaths,(mostly children ).89 % were African deaths.

presently 12 countries use DDT, and the number is rising.


do not human beings dieing from West Nile locally interest you ?

malaria is a blood disease,which is incurable. you can not transfuse blood from a victim . my WWll relative suffered with it all his life. it causes heavy fever,violent shaking and disability.

Anonymous said...

i am stunned that Q.C. will not permit the complete data on world wide malaria and deaths caused by mosquitos ?

why are you censoring this W.H.O. data ?

Anonymous said...

That's assmuming that DDT is the only thing that stops mosquitoes, Gramps. Guess what. There's other stuff that's environmentally safe.

You need to learn about the food chain as well as a lot of other things.

Anonymous said...

Because what you're saying is inaccurate?

Anonymous said...

Q.C. rocks !!!! lets be heard.

My wife has cultivated a lovely flower and vegetable garden in our rear yard, here in Bayside. the property is not near any water source. At this time of the summer ,she can not tend to the garden because of the swarming mosquitos. why are they so plentiful ? None of the repellents are working.

Could they be coming from the 42nd avenue puddles of stagnate rain that last for weeks ?

If the D.O.H.or E.P.A. reads this ,do your job. maybe you can sue the NYC dept of Transportation and Highways for negligence.