Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More on the sweetheart land deal

From the NY Post:

State leaders went out of their way to push through a controversial land deal -- which robbed taxpayers of millions of dollars -- to gain the favor of a politically powerful Indian church, sources said.

Former Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Queens) championed the sale of 4.5 acres of the old Creedmoor Hospital to the cash-poor Indian Cultural and Community Center, going so far as to hound state Dormitory Authority officials to OK the deal without the usual attorney general's review, state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Queens) claims.

"Why would you want to circumvent the normal contract-review process? Only if you want to hide something," charged Avella, who is pushing the AG's Office to investigate the fishy deal.

Padavan's 2006 legislation authorized the sale of the Queens psych-hospital parcel for $1.8 million, a fraction of its estimated market value of $7.3 million. The measure allows the Floral Park group to build a community center and apartment buildings.

Sale of state land is usually conducted through an auction to the highest bidder, or granted to public entities. Since 2006, the Creedmoor parcels were the only sale of state Dormitory Authority land to be pushed through with special legislation, according to state records.

This year, Assemblywoman Barbara Clark (D-Queens) shopped around another bill to sell the group roughly six more acres as they seek to erect 126 potentially lucrative apartments.

Padavan -- who lost a re-election bid last year -- and Clark received a combined total of $5,201 in campaign contributions from the cultural group's members, elections records show.

The nonprofit is led by a circle of increasingly powerful Queens and Long Island businessmen.


Anonymous said...

why did the name of Mark Weprin again be deleted from this story ? two dems and one G.O.P. were mentioned in the ny post article. we must remain honest reporters on Q.C.....

Anonymous said...

Weprin is crooked too.

Why just single out and railroad a Republican (who appears equally shady) in this deal?

Because the Queens Democratic party's political machine wants it so.....as if they haven't proved to be the crookedest of them all!

Cav said...

Why is any of this surprising?

An apathetic/unthinking citizenry plus a rich source of money equals a corrupt political system.

Anonymous said...

Can this church land deal be reversed?

Jack Flynn said...

Nobody cares like Frank.

Anonymous said...

Avella's right; this deal needs to be looked at more seriously. Only an investigatin will bring the real truth about Frank.

Anonymous said...

why not include "BARBARA " AND "MARK ". they were also targeted in the first N.Y/Post expose by Senator Tony Avella.

Maybe he could not get the democrats deleted from the story?. Is Avella a "WHISTLE BLOWER "?

Anonymous said...

anyone see Padavans cronies copmplaining that he wasnt personally invited to the Little Neck Day Parade ? as if he doesnt know who runs it and what date it is.

Padavan is a loser. and he is pathetic.

that old prick is nobody now.

and wait till the stuff with the car ciomes out. his last days will be spent in semenerios cell.

Anonymous said...

Frank Padavan ???? Who is that ????

Anonymous said...

Frank Padavan is part of that shady outfit for years.

Anonymous said...

the reason Frank is not in jail or convicted of a crime like DEMOCRATS ,Manes,Hevesi, Freidman,G.Lindenauer,Leffler, Mc Glaughlin, Seminerio, etc.etc., is because he has been NOT GUILTY of any crimes for forty years of service to the State and Queens constituents.

all church groups who took tax money from local politicians and these politicians, should be investigated for the past 20 years.

If that is a crime they all will be guilty....other wise the issue is moot. Politicians are all lured by a large voting group.

I call it the "JIM JONES CULT/DEMOCRAT VOTERS" tactics. See San Francisco elections.

Anonymous said...

Frank Padavan is gonna spend a lot of time thinking about his mistakes.

A long, long time. I am figuring out maybe 8-10 years spent figuring it out.

The whole thing on Creedmore and the car and the rest.

Anonymous said...

why don't you go public and testify to the "FACTS" of your trash talk on Q.C. ?

We will be on pins and needles for your evidence to be heard !!!!

btw: did you know that former disgraced NYS democrat governor Eliot Spitzer, with his socks on, was fired by CNN ?

Will the progressives in Queens/Bklyn put him in the weiner's congressional seat now ?

Anonymous said...

I think the Dems are done with Spitzer, Gramps.

Anonymous said...

Why is Sanu Thomas the executive secretary of Community Board 13? He should resign in disgrace just like Weiner.

Anonymous said...

Brian Block, Chairman of CB 13 has been protecting his close ally Sanu Thomas. He has even been strong arming board members to vote yes on a variance application to build two nine story buildings on this project. The entire executive board of CB 13 is a disgrace.