Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forest Hills tree lovers miss Weiner

From the Daily News:

[Council Member Karen] Koslowitz questioned whether the LIRR intentionally scheduled its latest pruning on Burns St. after the resignation of Rep. Anthony Weiner, who lives nearby and often criticized the LIRR.

"It's a really big coincidence," Koslowitz said. "It's hard to say. It seems kind of funny that it's happening at this time."

Residents of the nearby Tennis View Apartments contend Weiner's absence has left them without their biggest ally.

They have turned to Koslowitz and state lawmakers, but they say Weiner held the most sway since LIRR tracks fall under federal, not city or state, jurisdiction.

"His constituents are left without their David to battle LIRR Goliath," said artist Russ Gundlach, 45, who has lived in the building for 13 years.


Snake Plissskin said...

That's what happens when you rely on big daddys and have no civic culture that stands independent of them.

People, you have to stand up to the pols and take matters into your own hands.

If not, they whining mutters down in a few days, the bullshit is forever.

Anonymous said...

So what did Weiner accomplish while he was the FH rep.? How many trees did he save?

Anonymous said...

ronald mcdonald's sister Karen Koslowitz doens't do anything. what the hell did she come back after she was term out??? she belongs in florida.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when you leave it to unattractive femi-Nazis to make Weiner resign who do nothing but complain, fuckin' eat bon-bons all day, and have no men willing to touch them.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, the quality of my life hasn't suffered once since Weiner left. I don't miss him. Am I in the minority in this district?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 4:

Sober up before you type, please?

Anonymous said...

don't worry a Weprin is on the way.

Anonymous said...

if a tree falls in the forest (Hills Gardens that is) does it make a sound?

Koslowitz is another machine hack who love press conferences but is totally ineffective in obtaining results!

She's out of her trees and should be retired.

You spoiled FHG tit babies now have an open view into the ugly world we all have to deal with.

No mercy for the privileged from me!

Anonymous said...

Queens appears to be full of whimpering cowards who fear their political representatives.

It is THEY who should be afraid of their constituents!

They work for you. You are their employers. Fire therm if they suck...if you have any balls left!

You voters disgust me!

Anonymous said...

FH has an idiot sitting on the city council. Inarticulate, ineffective, and lazy. What did you expect from someone who did nothing in her first round 12 years ago and nothing as a puppet deputy Queens boro president?
Vote them all out already!

Anonymous said...

She must go. We can't afford this stuck in the mud leadership!
We need a go-getter NOW!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Weiner went out late at night and looked for some juicy tree cavity to stick his frankfurter in.

Maybe a video clip of such an event will be discovered soon.