Monday, July 11, 2011

DOT creates DOH problem

A while back NYC decided to repave 5th avenue in Whitestone Queens to make it a smoother, faster ride for all the speeding cars and trucks that use our street as a race track into our community. Well, as par for course (just like they overshot the 3rd avenue exit, causing a traffic nightmare for our residential community, back in 1939), they did such a wonderful job that this lake is forming with all types of green algae, and larvae, and possibly West Nile mosquitos.

Alfredo Centola
Malba Gardens Civic Association


A Better NYC said...

As always, we can't overlook the obvious issue here...

The DOT is a government-run agency.

Zero accountability, zero!

Anonymous said...

this is why we need al centola to run for public office

Anonymous said...

the location of the 42nd avenue center dividers, from Francis Lewis Blvd. to Clrv. Expwy., is even worse.

the rain puddles remain stagnate for weeks, because of deteriorated curbs.

Q.C posted the photos last year , when the D.O.T. paved the avenue and left the disintegrated curbs.

Any one see Avella or Braunstein in the area ?

Padavan and Halloran wrote to D.O.T. D.O.T. promised in November. Eight months ago. Here we sit broken hearted.

Maybe we could get some bike lane $ for repairs ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the budget for the entire entire bicycle program within the last 4 years is a drop in the bucket compared to what it costs to fix things like this and repave the streets.

Anonymous said...

There is a MUCH larger DOT created lake on 11th Street just north of 45th Road in Long Island City. They repaved about 5 years ago and refuses to fix the botched job.

Anonymous said...

I say we name each body of water Bloomberg Lake , Khan pond, McCarthy Pool?

Anonymous said...


i realized that you are the most honest ethical and fiercest fighter of truth in queens county

their is a severe problem in your hometown of whitestone

the district leader from whitestone evan stavisky according to sources lives in rockland county
thus, the person who help picks the dem nod nomineee in any race in whitestone does not live in whitestone

we need your help al centola
it is a serious issue
you are the go to go civic leader on issues such as this please help the good people of whitestone

Anonymous said...

Those are grass clippings in the second picture, not algae. Probably dumped there by one of Whitestone's finest undocumented alien gardeners.

Anonymous said...

How many citizens will die from mosquito borne diseases in Queens this year ? Send more nets to Africa.

But endanger our people in Queens? who is in charge?Get the N.Y.C. E.P.A. agents out of the bars now....

Anonymous said...

For the grass clipping expert! Standing pools of water create algae and breed mosquitos. This pool forms every summer, even after calls, too many to mention, to the Mayors 311 help line. Likewise the giant oak tree on the street next to this property, which is a NYC tree, commonly drops hundred pound limbs onto the street and sidewalk and the City refuses to trim it or take it down.
We have a problem in Whitestone all right, everyone they elect is inept and incompetent.

Helen said...

Bicycle Commissioner Sadik-Khan is responsible for not installing speed bumps and dips on these newly paved streets.

Anonymous said...

We have a problem in Whitestone all right, everyone they elect is inept and incompetent.

Yet you morons keep voting in the same people over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Gee....Malba has sooooo many problems.

Move to downtown Flushing Mr. Centola and you'll really see what life can be like!

Fishy juicy gunk instead of algae floating in pools of bluish, milky white who know what kind of liquid.

LOL....I love these privileged complainers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"How many citizens will die from mosquito borne diseases in Queens this year ? Send more nets to Africa.

"Uh, the old nut is on a tear again......Tranq-time gramps.

BTW: what is with all you lazy Queens-ites? When this sort of thing happens in Manhattan a doorman, janitor or house owner just comes out with a corm broom or similar and spreads it out so it disperses and dries.

Try it lazy asses.

Anonymous said...

you can't just sweep away the water by the curb azzho' - and BTW, the streets of Whitestone and it's surrounding areas ARE spotless thanks to the people who live there.

this problem is now going to be a breeding ground for mosquito larvae!


Anonymous said...

i walked along Second Avenue on the U.E.S. ,in the 72-80 street section.

with this heat, the sidewalks and gutter smell was unbearable,from the dog piss and crap that you spread around with your little broom.