Friday, July 1, 2011

Bellerose mess

"For the last ten (10) years, there is a home on our street, 80-44 233rd St, Bellerose, that has been abandoned. There are 6 foot shrubs and grass growing. The house is simply a disaster.

When Padavan and Avella were campaigning not to long ago, the community brought it to their attention, they held a press conference, but nothing was done. It is uncertain who the owner is, the information is not clear on dob/acris.

Just thought I'd bring this giant piece of crap to your attention. (btw, I just started following your blog about a month ago, good stuff)"

- Queens Resident

This may come as a shock to my regular readers but work on a house down the street doesn't conform to approved plans. And while Tony Avella is known for these type of battles, the responsibility for rectifying both of these messes belongs to Council Member Mark Weprin. When he stops campaigning for congress, maybe he'll get around to it.


Anonymous said...

ECB violations would yield a nice sum -- IF the City were to collect the money!!

Alas, the $$ slips right by ECB. What do they get paid for?

Anonymous said...

The violation has been resolved.

Anonymous said...

"It is uncertain who the owner is, the information is not clear on dob/acris"

According to what I can find in the city records on line, the owner of 80-44 233rd St, Bellerose, is Ho Seng Tai.