Sunday, March 6, 2011

Times Ledger wants bridge name to stay

From the Times Ledger:

With respect to former Mayor Ed Koch, the proposal to rename the Queensboro Bridge is stupid. Known also as the “59th Street Bridge,” it connects Queens with Manhattan. Changing the name to the “Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge” is unacceptable. At best it is dumb; at worst it is an insult to Queensites.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg let it be known that he wanted to change the name of the bridge at an early 86th birthday party for Koch in December. That he came up with the suggestion is evidence of the mayor’s disconnect with the people living in the outer boroughs.

We agree with City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., who said in a statement: “Mayor Ed Koch is truly a great man and deserving of an honor like this, but renaming a landmark so closely linked to our borough’s culture and history is not appropriate.”

The mayor would not think of renaming the Brooklyn Bridge. The people of Brooklyn would never let that happen.

Vallone suggested the city consider renaming Gracie Mansion, the residence of the mayor, the “Gracie-Koch Mansion.” This is dumb, but harmless.

Why are we naming anything after anyone? Place names are safe. People names are not.


Sergey Kadinsky said...

I agree with this editorial. Keep the Queens in Queensboro. All due respect to Mayor Koch, but he never lived in Queens.

Anonymous said...

And the fact that he sucked as a mayor should seal the deal...NO RENAMING!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Vallone, you supported the Mayor and overturning term limits.

This is a culture that you are part and parcel of (BTW, is it true that Daddy Vallone thinks its a great idea?)

Anonymous said...

The vote for this is on March 23r. Get on the horn and call your city reps. and let them know what you think. I've heard tell most of them will vote in favor...therefore, your voice must be loud and clear. Who the hell was Koch anyway? The "how am I doin" Mayor. Big Woop!! Why not name the Manhattan bridge after him, it's in Manhattan where he lives. Leave Queens and its bridge alone.