Sunday, March 6, 2011

More community board defections

From the Times Ledger:

Glen Oaks Village is contemplating leaving Community Board 13 and joining CB 11, claiming the co-op has more in common with CB 11 than CB 13, according to Glen Oaks Village President Bob Friedrich.

“We’re considering whether to do that this year or not because we have a lot more in common with CB 11,” Friedrich said, referring to the co-ops that are a part of the northeast Queens community board.

Bryan Block, chairman of CB 13, declined to comment.

Friedrich said Glen Oaks Village has not yet decided to pursue the action, but said if it did it would ask for the community board boundary to be changed to along Union Turnpike instead of the Grand Central Parkway.

CB 13 covers one of the largest territories in Queens, starting from Glen Oaks in the north down along the Queens-Nassau border to Rosedale in southeast Queens.

CB 11 Chairman Jerry Iannece said he had no formal discussions with Friedrich about the move.

Iannece noted that North Shore Towers in Floral Park may also decide to switch from CB 13 to CB 11 and that Bay Terrace has already renounced its membership with CB 7.


Gary the Agnostic said...

I might be wrong about this, but something has to be done by either the state legislature or City Council to authorize this. the last time that the Community Board lines were redrawn was either after the Charter Revision in the late 70s or right afterwards.

Anonymous said...

It's called can't wish yourself into a different location.

Gary the Agnostic said...

That's right. The police precinct lines, etc., would have to be redrawn as well.

Anonymous said...

I wish that east Flushing and Auburndale would defect to CB# 11.

Being included within CB# 7's turf is a curse!

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt Bob Freedreich go away and take Mr Big, that retired clown Frank Padavan, with him.