Sunday, March 6, 2011

Johnny audits EDC

From the NY Times:

In a scathing critique of the Bloomberg administration’s oversight practices, New York City’s top fiscal watchdog has accused the city’s main agency for economic development of allowing a contract with a construction company to balloon by tenfold in three years to nearly $74 million, and authorizing over $3 million in dubious payments.

The [EDC] audit is the latest in an increasingly hostile battle between the agency, which has become a vital vehicle for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s aggressive development agenda, and Mr. Liu, whose office must approve the corporation’s contract with the city every year.

According to the audit, the agency approved 21 changes between July 2008 and January 2010 to a contract with Turner Construction Company, which was asked to provide facility management and construction management services at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, Essex Street Market building and other sites. As a result, the contract’s value jumped to $73.5 million, from $7.5 million.

The audit says the agency authorized $3.3 million in “inappropriate and questionable payments” to Turner. They include improper reimbursements for unsubstantiated expenses and unnecessary costs for loading, storing and transporting contaminated soil from the Brooklyn Army Terminal site.

Referring to an alarming “lack of involvement,” the audit says the agency demonstrated a “total reliance” on the construction company and “relinquished far too much control and supervision in reviewing and overseeing the work carried out by Turner.”

Mr. Liu said, “Given the ongoing economic and budget uncertainties, we can neither tolerate nor afford business as usual at the E.D.C.”


Alfred E. Bloomturd said...

What---me worry?

Anonymous said...

NY State Comptrollers attack Wall Street as a way to run for Governor.
NY City Comptrollers attack City agencies as a way to run for Mayor.
Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

What about the EDC and Wallet's Point, Johnny? Afraid to investigate the corruption and waste of our taxpayer money on that one? Oops! Weren't you a target of Claire Shillman's lobbying efforts when you were a councilman? We wouldn't want to go there now, would we? HA! Liu wants people to think he's a hero but he's really a ZERO!

Anonymous said...

Flushing rapist on the loose. Last struck at 37th avenue and bowne street at 3:45 am.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Flushing rapist on the loose. Last struck at 37th avenue and bowne street at 3:45 am.

And this has to do with the current topic how? Just keep it in your pants and let the adults have intellectual discourse.

Anonymous said...

from the ny post 2/15/11:


First the Water Club ,now the River Cafe.
City Comptroller J. liu yesterday confrmed that HE is investigatingthe posh Brooklyn eatery on the East River at Fulton Landing-- a week after his office released an audit SUGGESTING its sister restaurant in Manhattan MAY have stiffed city taxpayers.
Liu's auditors found the Water Club didn't RECORD ALL ITS CASH SALES IN 2009. Since the rent that owner Michael "Buzzy" O'Keeffe pays the city is based on reported revenue. Liu contended the city MIGHT have been shortchanged. RICH CALDER.

i recall that the cat fight between an asian and italian client at the Joe Franco owned "Cafe on the Green" was blown out of importance, as soon as Liu and democrat politicians got involved.
the beginning of the end for J.Franco's city

restaurant franchise.

will the same happen to the River Cafe and Water Club? will anyone be criminally charged here ? i do not believe Franco was convicted of a crime ?do you know the facts?

Gene and Chuck Dog and Pony Show said...

Uhhhhh. Should we start packing?

Anonymous said...

What restaurant in NY reports all of it's cash?

Are you kidding?

tossed salad said...

O-o-o-h...would you just look at the Clara Bow lips on that "low flier"!

Anonymous said... Tommy Huang's cousin is gonna audit the EDC.

I'll guarantee that it's all just for show!

Oh a few minor crooks might get tossed under the bus but the big ones will go undiscovered.

You see folks...Johnny boy is sucking up to you voters early in the game by pretending to be a real (Elliot Spitzer style) when he runs for president the voters will think he's great.

Oh yes...he's already announced that he intends to run for that office in the future.

Anonymous said...


We think that the FBI should follow the Liu-Huang-Ackerman-Tribune connection!

Dig all the way down to China and come up with some golden evidence against this daisy chain.