Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Friedman getting out of this?

From the Daily News:

Pouncing proactively, the Queens Chamber of Commerce is planning a news conference this week to publicly court the Islanders - coveting jobs and tourists the team could bring to the borough.

Preaching patience, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall wants the Islanders to make the first move. She admits she still feels burned from wooing the Jets to no avail in 2005.

At stake is the future of a once-proud franchise that won four consecutive Stanley Cups in Uniondale, L.I., but now finds itself at the center of a tug-of-war between hockey-hungry locales from Brooklyn to Kansas City.

Barring a major Mets acquisition, the Islanders' flirtation with Queens could play out as the most compelling sports story in the borough this winter.

A spokesman for the city Economic Development Corp., which controls construction at Willets Point, said the Islanders have "not approached us, but we'd be happy to discuss the option."

Friedman cautioned that he is still garnering support for his idea, but counted three elected officials among his potential supporters: Marshall and City Councilmen John Liu (D-Flushing) and David Weprin (D-Hollis).

From the Neighborhood Retail Alliance:

So it should be clear to all Queens businesses, the Chamber of Commerce in your borough will stand four square behind you-at least until a bigger and better use for your property can be discovered; then you're on your own fellas and gals. In our view, this stand by the QCC's Friedman should be grounds for his dismissal, because in essence he is representing the interests of non-Queens businesses over those of existing borough firms.

The real question to us is: Cui bono? What's in it for QCC and Mr. Friedman-and what has this booty capitalist been promised for his perfidy? In our experience, when a local business group advocates against the interests of local businesses, it's time to look hard for the smoking gun of corrupt practices. Can it really be simply a love for Lord Stanley that's motivating Jack?


Anonymous said...

I have an idea: is the rink in the abandoned NYS Pavilion big enough for an NHL game?

Anonymous said...

was he the advocate at C.S.B. 26,for busing 300 flushing,main street pupils into P.S.130 Q.(located at 42 ave./Francis Lewis Blvd,dist 26) ? did he enable C.S.D. 25 to make the school a K-3 grade "lottery " school.was he in favor of excluding the local resident
pupils who lived across the street from the building?

did he save the queens taxpayers money, by enabling the force busing of local pupils a mile from their homes?

were not P.S.162,159 and 31 so overcrowded, that their grade six pupils were sent to the middle schools ?visit 42 ave. at 202 and 205 streets ,to observe the daily waste of your taxes for unnecessary busing,when walking to school is cheaper and quicker.

why cant main street pupils walk to school?

when you answer that question,you will guess what they are getting out of this!!!!!!

prior to QCC,he was an aide to n.y.c. cm weprin,and
member of C.S.B.26.

who is presently the n.y.c.council,chairman of the transportation comm. and member of education comm.?

Anonymous said...

He is a publicity hound who is frustrated he can't run for office so any press will do.