Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Racist traffic agents curse at Asian man & have him arrested

From Fox 5:

An ugly confrontation between an NYPD traffic agent and a car owner in Chinatown was caught on camera. According to witnesses, the agent allegedly struck, cursed at, and made racist comments against Qiang Nian Zhu, who says he was just trying to explain that he was parked legally. He then ended up behind bars.

Security camera video shows the traffic agent charging at a woman in who complained the agent was not being fair about a parking ticket. The agent, Twana Chapman, was surrounded by other traffic agents and then cursed at all the people around her, according to witnesses

She told them " 'You f------ Chinese, go back where you came from. All of you f------ Chinese,' " according to one witness.


Anonymous said...

Fat cvunt,typical.That is what the quota system causes.

Taxpayer said...

Twana Chapman's defense? Just following the Commissar's orders.

The Commissar hates all people if they are not powerful billionaires.

Or, if they are just not powerful. So, he uses all his jackbooted thugs (who he also loathes) to harass them out of the city.

He has a temporary exception: Illegal aliens. They too can be used against the citizens loathed by the Commissar.

End this now. Take back control.

Dump this loathsome little arrogant dwarf.

Use Nov. 3 to take back control.

Anonymous said...

Traffic agent jobs is basically a place to put welfare queens who are too dumb to realize they can just stay home and get a welfare check for nothing.

Its the lowest of the low. They don't even know how to game the system properly.

Anonymous said...

Where are Liu and DiBlasio to speak out on this?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, this agent is black, I thought only white people could be racist? Hmmmmm.

She will get a slap on the wrist and carry on.

Anonymous said...

Well, I had a traffic agent ticket my car immediately after I parked it and was on my way to pay the muni-meter.

When I came back with a newly-bought ticket in my hand, and steam still rising from the car's engine, I found the agent writing the ticket.

I had it dismissed, but was out all of my wages for the day and possibly a temp assignment as well. I was given the choice of paying a bogus ticket or risking the loss of temporary work for the day, week or several months.

I would not be surprised if the Chinese man was correct and she started writing a minute early. Their mentality is, be out the summons or be out wages. You will pay false summons because fighting it costs even more.

If they had to reimburse people when false tickets were written they would be more careful. There is no accountability.

I commend the Chinese for their self-control. In many other neighborhoods a riot would have ensued.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly like television, where the only racists are the ignorant, knuckle-draggung white male cops, and the minority civil service workers, especially the females, are always the noble, educated enlightened ones, who have fought and overcome all the obstacles that tried to keep them down, and now fight the good fight for all persons of color, because they are in perfect harmony with the minority community.

georgetheatheist said...

Psychologically the black population doesn't know how to handle the Asians' presence in the U.S. No legacy of slavery or Jim Crow that they can conjure up like they can and do against "whitey". The Asian presence baffles them no end. It forces them to look into their own psychological mirror.

Anonymous said...

This Chinese can sue the traffic agent and the NYPD for discrimination. The Chinese will get BIG settlement for this case...and demand that ahole agent to be fired. Everything is caught on camera.. I'm surprise no lawyer went to this chinese to offer them to file a lawsuit against NYPD traffic department..or maybe it's just too early. This Chinese need to do something so that all Traffic agent will be scare and watch their mouth.

Anonymous said...

Typical NYC stupidity.

We're a diverse city and the NYPD works in our the best interest of our vibrant communities. So you have to think again before you post crap like that, OK crappy?

Anonymous said...

hahhaha what a dumbass meter maid . of all places you're going to cause a scene in chinatown where the most united minorities live. i bet on the court date there will be about 100 cell phone videos and about 1000 eye witness' there to testify agsint stupid and her meter maid friends.

she'll be out of a job and the city will be out a few greenbacks when this is all said and done. and we'll foot the bill with our taxes once again

Anonymous said...

How many more stories are we going to hear about these traffic agents before someone brings them under control. Technically, can't the agent in question be brought up on charges of inciting a riot due to the number of bystanders and other agents around. This definitely could have escalated into something bigger, because of her big mouth!

Anonymous said...

welcome to America

Anonymous said...

She's toast, once this made television and was on tape they will make her life hell until she gives it up.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a real disgusting deplorable racist incident!

That traffic agent needs to be fired!

Can Kevin Kim's campaign workers back up their racist allegations with similar camera video?

Or are the Ackerman stooges just wasting valuable NYPD time by cooking up a story?

Jerry Rotondi said...


The commissar doesn't really hate the lower classes as long as they provide good service as his footmen, valets, butlers and house servants!

Salvatore said...

hahhahaha.. give a a minority some power and see what happens....