Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thompson nixes Bloomberg photo op

From the Daily News:

Construction of the NYPD's new $1.5 billion Police Academy in Queens has suddenly been delayed, and angry aides to Mayor Bloomberg and Comptroller Bill Thompson each say the other is to blame.

Bloomberg aides charge that Thompson, the mayor's Democratic rival, came up with trivial excuses so he wouldn't have to register a major construction contract that would have allowed a groundbreaking at the College Point site this month.

The mayor would have presided at the groundbreaking, generating publicity right before the mayoral election in a borough he has to win to secure a third term.

He said Thompson wouldn't register the $656 million contract with Turner Construction/STV because the paperwork was botched.

"They did not give us all the documents we needed," Simmons said. "There was no document showing how the contract price was negotiated, no explanation of where the rest of the $1.5 billion was going."

The Mayor's Office now has to resubmit everything, making it virtually impossible to get a sign-off in time for a pre-Election Day groundbreaking.


Anonymous said...

Hiring 400-500 a year,and all this for a new academy? How about renovating the current academy and those shitholes called precincts?

linda said...

1.5 billion, wtf kind of academy is this going to be? bloomass needs to go away NOW!! we can feed the straving, get the homeless off the streets, how about get a hospital running again in queens. i'm so had it with this turd.....

please make a difference and vote his butt out come election day!

Anonymous said...

A. Bloomturd and a police academy in College Point.

Q. What are 2 things that Queens can do without?

Anonymous said...

hmm lets see cut the police force cancel training for new recruits and build a bigger academy is it just me or is this crazy

PizzaBagel said...

Bloomberg's probably having a hissy fit over this, that he's not getting yet another pre-Election Day photo-op. (What? He hasn't given out enough keys to the city this year?) Let's make him go ape-shit by voting him out onto his scheming ass next month.