Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Grading Bloomberg's 8 years

From Room Eight:

Personal Integrity: I find this the most troubling area. In most cases there are guidelines against which we can judge our elected officials. We have laws that proscribe campaign finance. In this area, Bloomberg should make everyone's moral compass spin. There is an unseemly aspect to the way Bloomberg's giving, instead of receiving, has corrupted the body politic. Between his foundation and his own largesse he has bought off almost everyone in town. When have we ever seen a Mayor get on two Party lines by giving money? There is no law against it simply because we have never witnessed it. When have we seen a Deputy Mayor take a three week leave of absense to go on the Mayor's campaign and receive $350,000. It defies imagination and certainly has never been written into law because it has never happened before. Finally, the Mayor's legislating a third term against the will of the people should leave everyone cold. There was opportunity to have another referendum, but he just would not take the chance. This was his most unforgivable action. For these reasons, Bloomberg receives an:



Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged.

Anonymous said...

An "F" dor fuck you blumberg, fuck you very much!!!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Agreed....Isn't interesting his money manager is implicated in the pension scandals and is rumored to be the best friend of the owner of the new york times and also his money manager...I heard a rumor the same for Mort Zuckerman although I haven't gotten confirmation on this...

Taxpayer said...

How much does the Commissar care that he's an utter failure?

Not at all.

In his impudent arrogance, he believes that we are forbidden to have or express any opinion of him.

So, we have to express our ultimate opinion: Dump this dwarf.

Let's dump him and any candidate who supported or refused to oppose overturning the twice stated will of the voters.

This election really comes down to a question for each voter: do you want to control or be controlled?

Who is important - you or the Commissar and his lackeys?

Anonymous said...

Grade "F"...for he's f----d us all!

PizzaBagel said...

What is this guy's charm? Why, after seeing him in action over these last eight years, would anybody but the rich elite vote for him again? Name recognition? The "I'm taking just $1 a year so I'm above politics" hooey?

People, there is an alternative, and his name is Bill Thompson. He might not be perfect, but I'll take the devil I don't know over the devil that I do know.