Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Troubled by the Trib

To the Editor (Queens Tribune):

I was very troubled by the cover article of your Sept 17-23 issue. Trying to make a scandal of a candidate’s religion is offensive, and any responsible journalist should know better. I didn’t notice a similar article about Kevin Kim’s religious practices. Why headline Mr. Halloran’s, unless it was to elicit a backlash of bigotry?

Shortly before the primary, I attended a debate among five of the six Democratic candidates, along with the lone Republican candidate. The topic was not an exciting one – land use and zoning. Still, I was incredibly impressed with the expertise of each and every speaker; it was obvious that all were community people who knew their neighborhoods and were aware of the issues that would be important to their constituents.

The only candidate not present was Kevin Kim. While I am sure that Mr. Kim had a valid reason for missing the debate (I did arrive a bit late and missed the introductions), I would think that a concerned community newspaper would try to find out if he is as knowledgeable on zoning issues as his rivals were, and what his opinions are. I saw no mention of that in this issue, though.

This is not an attack or an endorsement of any candidate. I only ask that the Tribune stick to the issues, and save the nonsense for the gossip tabloids.

Rabbi Sholom Steinig,
Young Israel of Bayside

In the same issue of the paper, the Trib insists it had the right to do it. Of course, since it funds itself via whore ads, it's hard to take it as a serious newspaper.


Taxpayer said...

The Trib insists it has the right to print such drivel.

Who said it didn't?

Both it and Halloran are protected by the same First Amendment.

But neither Halloran nor his defenders never expressed any wish to close down the stench, while the Tribune tried its worst to introduce religion into a political campaign.

Then they attempt to change to subject to a discussion of efforts to shut it down.

Lino said...

Nothing new here.

What should really anger people of good will are the daily slander machines run by Fox (Rupert Murdoch), Citadel and every rustbucket AM toilet that turns over -our- airwaves to the liars who poison people's minds.

A crappy little handout rag hardly matters.

Anonymous said...

However, when ceremonies like “animal blood sacrifices” and other practices and beliefs inconsistent with our society are promoted by a candidate for public office in the name of religion, the people have a right to know more.


Very strange but the trib hasn't commented on the dead sacrifice animals on Howard Beach...

Miles Mullin said...

Liberal In Name Only

This DOES matter because, as Hitler discovered, repeating the Great Lie over and over again makes it reality in people's minds.

The Alice-in-Wonderland world the pols have created in Queens, the city, and the country exists only in their mind, but is the reality for the rest of us because of their handmaidens in the media.

We all know what bullshit artists PR flacks are. But reality always seems to catch up sooner or later, eh?

PS The other night, after watching the latest gossip about Letterman, skin care products, and the Yankees, I turned off CBS 11 PM news and watched Russia Today.

It was refreshing as it was embarrassing.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Candidate Kim, Mr. Schenkler, Mr. Nussbaum and Congressman Ackerman...we await your public apologies...printed on the front page of the "Tribune" is most preferable.

Anonymous said...

Hitler started out by attacking a religion!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Thank you rabbi. You're a real mensch!

italian girl said...

Wait a minute....

Whore ads?? How are they getting away with that?

Tired said...

I can't wait for the election to pass and all of this nonsense stops. Both candidates are in the pockets of their party bosses, and both parties are too busy making sure Eric Ulrich and Liz Crowley keep their seats. At least the Trib got us talking about a race that would otherwise have been a snoozer. But I'd rather have slept through it, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Rabbi.

georgetheatheist said...

I have been schreing on this site about these whore ads since the inception of Queens Crap almost 3 years ago.

Anonymous said...

If the Tribune was a REAL newspaper then it would follow the Journalism Code of Ethics

Anonymous said...

while the publishing industry and newspapers in n.y.c.
are shutting down,because of the bad democratic run
economy,we now can send our teens to the new "WORLD SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM". it is a high school at 35th avenue /francis lewis blvd. local parents opted to send their 7-8th grade pupils to private schools,for "some reason".the empty seats were filled with this high school(all-boro) and the 6th grade from local elemetary schools.for "some reason" the k-6 grade schools were over crowded? this is csd 25 and csd 26,in good old diverse queens county.
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liberal politics,wasted taxes,left-wing objectives and pupils who will not have a job in journalism,except with the queens trbune.

Anonymous said...

Kim won because there were 5 white candidates and he was the only asian with a very low turnout election and liu running. kim better get some professional help soon as oposed to those morons schenkler and nussbaum.

Anonymous said...

P.S.:the chosen public schools are P.S.178,hollis hills,CM.d.weprin ,dem. and P.S.169,bay terrace,n.y.s. sen.stavisky,dem.
those communities solidify their child's safety for nine
the chosen U.F.T. teachers also gain safe turf.

while the rest of us bus ,bus, or pay tuition.

Anonymous said...

Hey...Shenkler and Nussbaum aren't complete morons.

They already took Kim for $80,000 whether he wins or loses!

Has anyone seen the vertical one sheet posters on both the east and westbound tracks at the Bayside LIRR station in the middle of the platform?

Ackerman and Kim standing side by side...a real amateur "Multi Media" "special" if I ever saw one.

The photo looks like it was shot with a low resolution digicam and then blown up to a size that makes it as fuzzy as a Teddy bear.

That's OK with me because nobody wants to see that bloated pig Ackerman in sharp focus anyway!

My wife who was standing besides me shook her head and exclaimed, "That's the kind of work Kim got for his 80 grand from Nussbaum"?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the Queens Republican Party does not seem to be able to field any strong candidates to run against Ackerman. Ideally, it would be someone from the State Senate or Assemby who would want to move "up" to Congress. Does Peter Koo live in Ackerman's district?

Anonymous said...

The Democ-RAT-ic clubhouse has a monopoly in this borough.

A one party system does not make for a healthy situation in any political supermarket.

Imagine walking into Waldbaums and finding only one brand name of cereal in the breakfast foods aisle to choose from!

Now you get the picture!

Do you Mr. Ragusa?

You'd better shape up your party and while your at it you could use a little shaping up yourself!