Saturday, October 10, 2009

Teacher fired for asking for tests on toxic school


A New York City School Teacher Who Requested Air Quality Testing in His Elementary School, and Was Terminated, Requests That the New Federal Labor Secretary Be Chosen from the New York City Central Labor Council

An elementary teacher was terminated retroactively by the Department of Education while awaiting a toxic vapor intrusion study on his school located near a State Spill Site. The fourteen year veteran and adjunct professor in literacy studies had been waiting for the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) protected data on vapor intrusion for his school since he left the building in 2003 and was obliged to go to the State Queens Supreme Court where his case is presently before the honorable Judge Kevin Kerrigan.

The teacher has requested his elected representatives in Congress to withdraw the nomination of the New York State Labor Commissioner for President Obama’s Secretary of Labor for failing to enforce Federal Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) laws in New York City for teachers and failing to support environmental whistleblowers. The leadership of the New York City Council, Christine Quinn, has called for a complete whistleblower investigation while Councilman and Public Advocate candidate Bill de Blasio has requested an investigation by the Education Committee if the Council.

More than eight million dollars has been dedicated to prevent groundwater from entering PS 7 in Elmhurst, Queens and to replace the air conditioning system.

The teacher reported that “The public needs to know that schools are being built at unsafe locations and that there are no local or State government agencies protecting teachers and children from industrial vapors in these schools.”


italian girl said...

I really hope teachers start telling their stories. It's funny how the DOE pretends they're all about the kids when they're the last on the list of priorities.

Taxpayer said...

This teacher must be reinstated instantly.

Then he must sue the city for the termination. Sue for so much that there will be no more money for schools to be build on toxic land.

As for the rest of us, the next step is obvious: Dump this predatory, child killer Commissar and anyone else who has ever proposed or supported placing other people's children in such mortal danger.

Dump them all.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time that someone start speaking out about the mayor's claim's that he's improved the quality of education and rescued us from the Thompson Board of Education? The media should be reporting that he us fudging numbers and putting students and school personnel in harm's way!!! Teaching children to take and pass tests, lowering the standards, and harassing educators is NOT the answer. Students need education and not training. Bloomtard cannot be allowed to continue his illusions and deceptions. His campaign is one BIG lie.

Anonymous said...

The DOE doesn't care about kids. It's all about the money and their developer friends. DISGUSTING! Maspeth is next with their Toxic High School on the horizon. God help us all!!!

Anonymous said...

"... Bloomtard cannot be allowed to continue his illusions and deceptions. His campaign is one BIG lie."

Email Meredith Kolodner at the Daily News ( and tell her that. She's their education reporter.

linda said...

well well we have been complaining about this happening in maspeth when that "A MUST HAVE H.S." goes up with high levels of toxics..

when will the community boards and city officals get it? you cannot build if there's any signs of crap in the grounds. and the best is they were given alternative sites to build the damn H.S.. they don't care for the teachers, staff or children. oh and the best they paid over the asking price for the site, dumb asses.

Anonymous said...

Where is Dictator Bloomberg??? How come there is no outrage about this? Or is he busy with his fat taxes and cigarette taxes and bans to squeeze the middle class. He should be as dilagent on matters where the city is poisioning our children then maybe just maybe i could have 1/4 respect for him.

Regarding the election, you'd think the only person running was Bloomberg, the media has mentioned very little about Thompson if it weren't for this blog i would have never known about the City Hall protest. What a shame and we call our country free. What a laugh and a cruel joke on ALL the American people. Wake Up People our time with freedom coming to an abrupt hault is closer than u all think. We all better speak up while we still can.