Saturday, October 10, 2009

Second gang bust in Queens carwash slay


A second teen gang member has been busted in last week's carwash shootout that killed a 13-year-old bystander, authorities said yesterday.

Gregory Calas, 18, an alleged member of the Crips, was arrested Thursday for firing the stray bullet that hit Kevin Miller in Cambria Heights. Calas could get 25 years to life if found guilty of second-degree murder.

Nnonso Ekwegbalu, 16, also a suspected Crip, was arrested last week and faces a similar charge.

Cops said the two opened fire after an altercation with rival Bloods. An unidentified teen was also shot, in the leg.

Neither Miller, a freshman at Campus Magnet Humanities and the Arts HS, nor the second victim was believed to be involved with either gang.

"This case is another example of the mindless gun-related violence and street-gang mentality that turn our streets into battlefields and too often take innocent lives and recklessly endangers public safety," said Queens DA Richard Brown.

"The result of such gunplay is that a 13-year-old boy . . . is being buried today, and his family must struggle with his loss, and a second innocent teenager is recovering from a gunshot wound."

This is the first reference I have seen to the Crips and the Bloods being involved in this tragedy. (In Bloomberg's New York, there is no such thing as a gang.) Pictured is the dead victim, 13-year old Kevin Miller, who was going to get a snack with money his mother gave him for getting good grades in school.


Anonymous said...

Gangs kill more innocent Americans than Al Qaeda. Classify them as terrorists. Hunt and elimintate them.

taxpayer said...

What is this "Calas could get 25 years to life if found guilty of second-degree murder."?

These thugs carry guns to kill for the slightest reason.

In this case they pulled guns and fired with the intention of killing somebody.

They hardly cared who got killed. Even if their intended victim were killed, they likely hardly knew him any more than they did Miller.

So, they shot with the clear intention of killing.

That's first degree murder.

There was nothing accidental in the killing.

Yes, Miller was a bystander. But, these killers set out to kill someone. They killed Miller.

Life without parole.

Dump DA Brown next time his name's on any ballot!

Anonymous said...

It's all the White Man's fault.

Anonymous said...


What law school did you go to?

Anonymous said...

is that an African illegal alien who killed this little boy?
Maybe the family could sue ICE (Immigration) for not deporting this gang member back home?

I call the gangs, Narco Terrorists.

the worst form of torture they use is blasting that awful hip hop/gangsta rap at 2:00am

How come we aren't reading about them in the papers but they are in most of the neighborhoods?

Anonymous said...

The nypd used to have a gang unit in every borough.Each knew its borough players well.After Bloomberg cut staffing in the police dept by more than 5500 cops,we now have a smaller centralized gang unit.You can't keep crime down in a city where the population is always increasing and the police department is shrinking.

Anonymous said...

The Trinitarios are here in Maspeth Apparently already causing problems

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said:

What law school did you go to?"

- - -

What a profound argument. Saying what?

knowledge said...

you cant always believe what you've read in the papers. the fact is this case is nothing but the government looking for someone to blame.