Saturday, October 10, 2009

NYPD cracks down on day laborers loitering in park

From the Indypendent:

Nearly every day along Broadway and 69th Street in Jackson Heights, Queens, day laborers — mostly undocumented immigrants — line up and wait for someone to come by and offer them a job. On Tuesday mornings, jobs or no jobs, day laborers gather nearby in Hart Park to chow down on a free hot meal provided by St. John’s Bread and Life program.

But on Tuesday, Sept. 22, the day laborers got a different type of treat.

According to witnesses, their meal was interrupted when the New York Police Department arrived to sweep the more than 80 laborers out of the local public park.

Roberto Meneses, president of Day Laborers United, said the police kicked them out, claiming only adults with children were allowed inside. He believes the police were responding to complaints by local residents, concerned about the growing number of day laborers in and near the park.

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation signs posted on the fences read, “Playground Rules Prohibit: Adults Except in the Company of Children.”


Anonymous said...

Many people in NYC would gather together to get jobs in NYC. Legal jobs. But they are competing with people that would accept much more with illegal jobs.

THAT is true. Who denies it?

Look for jobs amongst the legal citizens.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says..

I am glad the poice removed them from the playground. - Most parks have signs near the playground area stating that you cannot be in that area unless you have children, BUT they are in English.

Anonymous said...

Colorful, vibrant, sometimes drunk and potentially dangerous.

I don't think it's legal to bar anyone without children from a public park...playground or not.

But I'm glad the NYPD kicked their asses out!

Now the cops should report any illegals to ICE!

Anonymous said...

It's time we started deporting many of these illegal aliens.

They're a burden on our already overburdened system.

Taxpayer said...

“Playground Rules Prohibit: Adults Except in the Company of Children.”

- - -

This sign would never be posted in a playground in the home country where these same people would be legal citizens.

No, not at all. The sign would be in the language spoken by these illegal aliens.

Naturally, they would have to be literate to be able to read the sign - in any language.

These labor violators are preventing US citizens from working. How? By underbidding US citizens. Why underbid? because these illegals are already on every form of welfare (on us) and are willing to live like barnyard animals with up to eight or more families to a small room.

Who benefits? Illegal employers and politicians. How? Illegal employers: obvious cheap labor, shoddy work, giant profits. Politicians: illegal votes, cheap campaign work, and, politicians use illegal aliens to generate idiotic sympathy for the "poor" as a means to raise taxes even more.

What can we do? Pressure the politicians, boycott employers of illegal aliens and dump ANY politician who speaks sympathetically of the "poor 'undocumented' immigrants".

Anita said...

These statements are ridiculous. They aren't hurting anyone. They just want work and to earn for themselves and their families just like anyone else. Just like the immigrant families you are descendants of. Usually they do jobs that most people wouldn't. Maybe they aren't great at English..but neither were most of your relatives who came generations ago. There children will learn English and try and become something of themsleves. Don't be so racist. I don't need to hide behind anonymity....

Anonymous said...

Well, it's about time. Why didn't the police arrest them and turn them over to immigration? Oh, I forgot -- this is Bloomburg's Sanctuary City. My Bad.

Anonymous said...

I don't need to hide behind anonymity....

BULLSHIT. I clicked on your icon and you are as anonymous as I am. TROLL!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to people like Anita, we have 3 closed hospitals and the rest of the ERs overflowing. My ancestors came here and left the old world behind. They didn't come here to suck off the teat of U.S. citizens and send money back home where they planned to return.

Anonymous said...

"They aren't hurting anyone. They just want work and to earn for themselves and their families just like anyone else."

Really? Do you have drunken day laborers congregating in front of your house, pissing in the street, making lewd gestures toward you as you pass by? I doubt it. It's a daily occurrence on 69th Street.

Anonymous said...

I meant I clicked on your name, "Anita". Excuse me. No excuse for you.

linda said...

anita, let's put them in your backyard!!!

about fxxking time the police do something, it's a damn eyesore going up 69 street and seeing so many hanging out on street corners and parks. and i have to agree with the statement about the hospitals being closed down. they don't pay into our taxes and are taking work away from the ones who could be working on the unemployment lines.

the hell with them, deport their asses now!!

Anonymous said...

These statements are ridiculous. They aren't hurting anyone. They just want work and to earn for themselves and their families just like anyone else. Just like the immigrant families you are descendants of. Usually they do jobs that most people wouldn't. Maybe they aren't great at English..but neither were most of your relatives who came generations ago. There children will learn English and try and become something of themsleves. Don't be so racist. I don't need to hide behind anonymity....

First my name is shirley, so I am not anoymous. I think you should take all those illegals you feel so damm sorry for and put them up at your house. My mom is from Poland, came here after the war. Alegal way to come here. Her whole family had to learn english. they molded to U.S. way of living. They took legal jobs. These illegals are taking jobs, social services and our property values as well. They need to get the fuck out of this country. Whether they be white or brown. It pisses me off that the husbands/boyfriends get thier women knocked up so they colloect welfare and these losers work for a third of what a construction worker gets paid. They are part of the problem. and it time for a change. They along with Bloomturd need to get the fuck out. And as for you, Anita, you really need to remeber that our relatives came here legally. My friend, who lives in Texas and who is mexican, his grandparents came here legally. If they were to come here legally and attempted to learn english, I would have more respect for them. But til then, I will call them a bunch of criminals that are sucking us americans dry..... Maybe you should care more about the hispanic elderly and how they can barely afford to get medication than on a bunch of criminals that sucks us dry.....

Anonymous said...

Very touching Anita, you hit upon every single talking point of the pro illegal crowd. You really moved me and brought a tear to my eye with your very melodramatic account of the plight of the starry-eyed immigrant, who only wants a better life for themselves and their family. I could hear the stirring violins in the background as I read your comments. But as I sat there teary-eyed, reflecting on your ode to the immigrant, I kept one thing in mind that you casually glossed over. They are here ILLEGALLY dammit!

Anonymous said...

unlawful assembly, call 911.............

Anonymous said...

at P.S.159 playground ($2 million plus renovation),in dist.26, no human beings are permitted.the shameless
residents of 205 street and principal, keep the illegal gates pad locked 24/7!! it is the ONLY locked playspace in Bayside,just as Gramercy Park is, on the east side of Manhattan. the "chosen" have the political

Anonymous said...

My immigrant grandparents didn't loiter on street corners or parks...AND THEY WERE HERE LEGALLY!

These illegals are generally considered low class even in their own countries!

They couldn't make it there so they came here.

And yes they do annoy women.

I've heard them cat calling and harassing even the moms with explicit sexual gestures.

and if you like them so much "Anita" let them hang out in your yard or apartment!

Anonymous said...

It is perfectly legal to bar those without children from the playgrounds and has been the law for many years. The idea is to make it harder for pedophiles to stalk their victims.

You can be arrested for refusing to leave a public playground if you do not have children playing there.

Queens Crapper said...

Take a listen to this Sunday morning party that kept me up all night. Keep in mind that I had the window closed, which is why the sound is muffled.

Somehow, I don't think my immigrant ancestors in the early part of the 20th century behaved this way. So no, these day laborers are not like previous generations.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear about this! FINALLY. now deport these drunks back to Mexico, El Salvador, etc!

What I hate about Queens are all the illegal immigrants. Nope! seeing a woman draped in veils covering even her eyes is not cool. It is scary. Go France, thanks for banning the Arabic headscarves in schools.

why do they, illegal immigrant families, walk in mobs? with their gigantic baby carriages and toddlers in tow? The precious, precious jack pot babies. Why do they block the street with their baby carriages? Paid for by your welfare money! While the mother is lying through her teeth about the father not supporting them. Daddy works off the books at his day laborer jobs & the families get welfare, food stamps, WIC and section 8 vouchers.

do illegal aliens ever do anything alone? They have to have five or six people with them at all times.

I hate the anti women attitude of men from 3rd world, Mexico and Arabic countries. They are bringing those anti women attitudes here. (Note: reason not to use car services on 61st street by the LIRR- all driven by weird Pakastani/Indian males)

The police ought to crack down on the Nazi Islamic street vendors in Jackson Heights. Who lets them chain things and merchandise to city trees?

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says...

Not only do we have illegal immigrants from Mexico and South America, but in my area we have them from Poland. Just as stupid, just as drunk, just as creepy to women, and just as hurtful to NYC any other ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!!

Anonymous said...

Quote me the exact statute and paragraph of the law prohibiting non parents from taking respite on a playground bench.

Put up or shut up!

Anonymous said...

It's about time. The citizen have a right to use their own park without worry that criminals endanger them.

Illegals are criminals because they have broken the law - why should they be entitled to brazenly occupy park space, streets and other areas in huge groups that prevent a citizen from using those spaces his taxes maintain?

In an age of high unemployment, crime and uncertainty, why are illegals allowed to compete for low level jobs that don't collect SS or taxes. This undermines the entire small employer whom must hire these folks to maintain an economic edge or level playing field vs a competitor.

In the interim a student, a PT worker or retiree cannot get a job because of these folks. These folks use food pantries, clog emergency health care for free and ruin neigborhoods with crime and social mores that suspect.

The policy in by NYPD should be to uphold federal law and apprehend illegal individuals - was 9/11 not a lesson in what could happen? Wake up folks!

Anonymous said...

Quote me the exact statute and paragraph of the law prohibiting non parents from taking respite on a playground bench.

From the NYC Parks & Recreation site. Can't you do your own research, asswipe?

§1-05 Regulated Uses

s Exclusive Areas
Areas within the parks designated by the Commissioner for exclusive use shall include:
Exclusive Childrens Playgrounds: Adults allowed in playground areas only when accompanied by a child under the age of twelve (12).

Anonymous said...

during the black out of what? 2007 in Queens, that playground was where emergency services put out water, ice and Chinese food, real close to the day laborers/illegal aliens. Thanks to local politicians who pander to the illegal lobby.

How about feeding, housing and caring for American citizens?

Illegals are the shock troops sent to destabilize and overwhelm our country via the neighborhoods.

Check out how brazen illegals are. the minute they get here they populate too damn much intorder to get welfare benefits. Illegal immigrants don't give a crap about zero population, carbon footprints, trees, gardens or quality of life, many of the things most conscientious Americans care about.

For the illegals it's grab what you can,
me first, outta my way or I call you racist, in your own country.

Case in point, ride the number 7 train to or from Flushing. Be pushed and shoved by aggressive Chinese illegal immigrants who don't speak English. Why bother to learn the language or attempt to communicate w/ the natives when the plan is to subjugate us to your way of life?

I used to feel different, until the invasion overwhelmed me in Queens. I had many terrible personal & up close experiences w/ illegal aliens/ immigrants.

I have watched as health food stores have become Korean forts and any local crafts person has been usurped by South Americans. the cashiers at the supermarkets are all one ethnicity, usually Dominican or South American/Spanish speaking. In order to work at Duane Reade or NWL you have to be a Pakistani or Indian.

We are becoming second class citizens in our own country, send them all back to where they came from!

Anonymous said...

The law should be universally enforced without bias. The childrens' playground in Saint Catherine park in Manhattan is over run and crowded with adults who come there to have lunch. They work at the the local businesses, mostly the hospital. They are just as guilty of breaking the law.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention what is wrong with all those people eating lunch / brunch in St Catherine park.

1) The garbage cans get very full very fast. You can empty all the cans in the morning and by 1 in the afternoon they are all overflowing.
2)With all those people in the park it is harder to watch your children because the adults block your view.

I think it is good that the adults who are indoors most of the day get a chance to spend their lunch break outdoors.
But, the law must apply to everyone or else it applies to no one.

Anonymous said...

To the person who wants the exact statute number of the prohibition against unaccompanied adults in playgrounds. I suggest that he call the local police precinct and find out for himself. Too bad lazy people want others to do the work for them.

As for the prohibition, it is posted in many public playgrounds where no illegals gather. I am sure that you would find out what the law was if a cop or parks employee asked you to move and you failed to comply.

Again, the primary purpose is to protect against perverts, not illegals, but the law is still on the books. I have known of people who had "short eyes" and liked to park near elementary schools and playgrounds so they could view little girls, if it were not prohibited, they would be in the playground.

-Joe said...

What do they mean "day laborers"
These are criminals who are trespassing in this country. They broke dozens of laws, suck services, send $$ billions out of the NYC economy and dont pay a dime tax.

I caught these squat vermin several times coming out of the woods to steal my my Weber Kettle, corn, figs, tomatos. These pricks even went after my chickens.

F_ them !

Anonymous said...

re; as for prohibition, would you be more specific as to the location of the "no adults allowed" parks and play grounds, that you visit?

i do not believe you!!!

you target perverts vs. girls? do not north american man boy love members vs. boys qualify? how about homosexual men vs. boys/teens ?are there any lesbian perverts allowed in your parks seducing the girls? are hookers allowed?

Anonymous said...

A couple a tiny pocket parks along 69th Street from Woodside Ave up and past Roosevelt Ave. are used by these folks as hiring halls, offices and rest stops for the daily grind of waiting to be hired for the day. Many sleep on the benches, use the bathroom facilities to. Additionally, hundreds line the streets in this area doing the same, including siting on steps or stoops, oggling/harressing women on their way to work and looking up their skirts while htey climb the stairs up to the # 7 train at the 69th. Street station. There are unlicensed food carts clogging these streets, including one with a NYC Parks Dept Umbrella selling Tacos!

OK what does this all mean - we would like our parks back for use for our children and legal citizen, parks that are litter and harressment free, safe and quiet.

Anonymous said...

Those are NYC Parks Dept. regulations which are not necessarily ACTUAL LAW...twice used tampon!

I repeat...statute & paragraph of the NYC municipal code!

Anonymous said...

The locations where it is prohibited is every playground in the City of New York. Someone else gave you the exact section of the law. Please go to a playground, make a nuisance of yourself and dare the Parks Department or Police to arrest you.

Anonymous said...

I shall sit where I please in any public place and if arrested...I'll promptly file suit.

Don't bother assuming I'm an illegal or family have been United States citizens since bigoted redneck throwback!