Saturday, October 3, 2009

Strip club still planned for Queens Plaza

From the Times Ledger:

A proposed strip club near the Queensboro Bridge that Community Board 2 members thought had been scrapped by the property owner is back on track, board members warned last month.

GLC Entertainment Corp., which also runs a strip club called Sin City in the Bronx, submitted a liquor license application to the state Liquor Authority in May. CB 2 members caught wind of the plan and expressed their displeasure with the property owner, Gus Drakopoulos.

They believed he had abandoned the strip club plan until last month, when the board office got a call from GLC Entertainment. The Liquor Authority had sent the application to CB 2 for a hearing and an advisory letter regarding the application.

A Liquor Authority spokesman said Drakopoulos had never withdrawn the application.

The two-story brick building was formerly the site of Smiley’s Flowers, a wholesale company. Construction plans show the converted building would have 12 karaoke rooms and a main lounge with two cash bars on the lower floor and a service bar on the upper floor, according to application documents. The plans call for a maximum occupancy of 299 people.

Strip clubs have been a fixture of Long Island City business around the bridge in the past, but with the advent of numerous high-rise residential towers in the area and the redevelopment of the deteriorating Queens Plaza, community leaders appear to want other kinds of establishments.

Yes, before the yuppies moved in, community leaders seemed to think it was fine to have one of the largest hubs in the City be a cesspool. Hell, the area's own council person welcomed them in!


Missing Foundation said...

True about the councilman, McCraffery, who sponsored the bill to remove them from Times Square and whoopa they sprouted in his neighborhood!

I call it the 'Walter McCraffy Enteraintment District'

The locals? No civics, no press, and brain dead. Ignored by local pols scheming to shorehorn another 300,000 in a area with service designed for half the people there.

And no one to tell the local community how to organize - to take back their community.

Who needs hospitals and schools? Services can be linked to a benevelent developer who can bring them in.

Of course, it they need essentials like bike lanes, plenty of help there!

If they want to rezone for 40 story buildings, plenty of press, too.

Erik Baard said...

Personally, I think "Smiley's Flowers" would double as a great strip club name.

linda said...

wait where's the person who swears not in my condo backyard? lmfao now..........

Anonymous said...

Everyone loves tits...............!

Anonymous said...

Everyone loves tits...............!


Also boobs and Pizza pie.

Anonymous said...

Yea, big joke guys.

The joke is on Queens.

Keep laughin.