Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloran responds

From the Queens Chronicle:

I believe in God
by Dan Halloran

I was raised a Roman Catholic right here in Auburndale. I was baptized into the Catholic Church and took my confirmation at 13.I attended Jesuit schools.Then and now, faith is a cornerstone of my life.

My family is deeply rooted in this community.My great-grandfather was a chief of police, my grandfather was an NYPD homicide detective.My father was the deputy commissioner of various NYC agencies.My uncles were members of the NYPD and two of my brothers are FDNY firefighters today.

When I was 12 years old, my father was stricken with cancer.My dad was then a deputy commissioner at the New York City Housing Preservation and Development Department, and he worked long hours to provide for us.Growing up, my brothers and I did everything with him, from camping to baseball, schoolwork to Scouts; Dad was an integral part of our lives.

My father fought prostate cancer for six years.By my senior year of high school, it began to spread through his body. Ultimately my father died on the day I graduated from high school. He was 52 years old. Our family was devastated.

I was accepted to Fordham University, but dropped out soon after to work fulltime to help provide for my mother and three younger brothers. I took classes at night while working full time and eventually graduated college with honors, and became a lawyer.

The death of my father and its aftermath was very difficult for our family. I took comfort in my family’s history and our heritage, yet through all of this pain and hardship, I never lost faith in God.

Last week, I was attacked for my faith in the Queens Tribune.These attacks happened on the eve of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the holiest time of the year for the Jewish people. Having been raised in a Catholic household that shares its religious roots with the Jewish faith, I was deeply offended that religion would be used for political gain.

The Tribune has endorsed my opponent. The publishers of that paper also own Multi-Media Advertising, which has been paid over $80,000 by my opponent’s campaign.

I am a man of faith – and now my faith is under attack by a newspaper working for my opponent.

I call on my opponent to disavow the Queens Tribune’s attack on religion. I am running a campaign on the issues.

The people of northeast Queens need to hear about real solutions to these problems from the candidates running for City Council, not paid political attacks masked as news.

Dan Halloran is the Republican candidate for City Council in the 19th District. The district includes Bayside, College Point, Auburndale, Beechhurst, Whitestone, Bay Terrace, Robinwood and parts of Flushing, Douglaston and Little Neck.


georgetheatheist said...

Hey Dan. Don't forget to ask the Tribune about their classified whore ads. Shenkler, Nussbaum, Rafferty, Ackerman pimping women for the $.

Anonymous said...

i have seen mr. halloran debate has the passion that i believe will prove him an outstanding representative for all the citizens of district 19.

i served aboard a U.S.Navy minesweeper during the war in 1952,between the n.korean and chinese communists vs. the united nations allied forces(U.S.,GREAT BRITAIN,AUSTRALIA,TURKEY).
the communists from the north invaded the south koreans.thousands of christian koreans fled to the south or, be slaughtered. 37,000 U.S.marines ,soldiers,airman and sailors were killed trying to
defend south korean civilians from the communists.

after reading the "epoch times",a chinese newspaper translated to english,i fear that we n.y.c.
citizens are stupidly permitting local communist sympathizers to be voted into n.y.c. government?

who are these candidates ? where did their relatives
serve in the war? was it communist korea and china? did the candidates serve in the u.s. military?
what political organizations did they belong to at their universities? you must do your homework and
vote without ignorance.
you owe it to all the citizens who sacrificed their lives from 1950-1953,to give the south koreans
freedom. communists only believe in slavery.

Jerry Rotondi said...

I am forwarding the following to the weekly press:

A full apology from Mr. Shenckler, Mr. Nussbaum, Mr. Kim and Congressman Ackerman is required for the shameful use of a newspaper's front page to promote the character assassination of an honest candidate like Mr. Halloran by applying a jaundiced cast to his personal religious beliefs.

I would not see fit to inject opponent Kim's religion into a political race unless, for example, its practitioners sacrificed children!

As you've recently indicated in your counter editorial Mr. Schenkler...a newspaper's job is to defend the peoples' right to know.

I'm in full agreement with a news gathering organization's protection under the first amendment which guarantees one of our most important rights...freedom of speech!

However, you should now stand up and take it like men.

Admit that you were walking on thin ice when you mixed reporting with advertising.

Print a retraction!

And candidate Kim...if you expect anyone to trust or vote for you...a public apology to your fellow candidate Mr. Halloran is due immediately!

You cannot get off the hook simply by denying your connection to or knowledge of what your advertising agency "Multi Media" was doing on your behalf.

As a former ad agency executive who assisted working on Robert F. Kennedy's political campaign I can assure all of you readers that the client approves all of his advertising and public relations strategies beforehand.

Accept responsibility Mr. Kim or risk losing the race.

Let's all keep this a clean fight and may the best man win.

Taxpayer said...

Oh, dear.

Now we enter the dangerous territory of questioning whether a political office-seeker may be a communist.

Having a religious belief is the terrible danger to the secular state. Questioning that belief is in the interest of keeping church and state separate.

But, to question a person to discover that he believes and wants to promote and implement communism here is so degrading to the political process that the questioner needs to be executed now, tried later.

Religion enslaves! Communism frees!

Kim, if you are a proud communist, now is the time for you to step out of the closet. Tell us all about your roots,

Tell us your hopes and plans now. If you wait until later, it will just seem like you are now lying.

And, you're not a liar, are you?

Are you a relative of Kim Il Jung, that potbellied little pervert?

Anonymous said...

No, Communism was just a red herring.

Anonymous said...

I happened to be seated practically adjacent to Kevin Kim at last week's debate sponsored by the College Point Civic Association.

Kim was up first and maintained an applied professionally cool appearance as he explained his platform and took some audience questions.

Afterward when it was Dan Halloran's turn I began to study the body language and facial expressions of Kim.

As Dan spellbound his listeners with believable solutions to the many problems facing the 19th district Kevin's ears began to glow as his face assumed a slight flush of red.

The muscles which control both corners of his mouth began to tighten causing small diagonal facial wrinkles to form toward the direction of his cheeks.

And although he tried to keep his posture loose his body appeared to freeze in an upright seated military position.

He's lost his confidence for a slam dunk victory in November.

Now turn out at the polls to defeat Ackerman/Kim or watch your biggest investment...your neighborhood...flushed like Flushing!

Anonymous said...

Well sheep?

Why dont you flood Ackerman's paper with letters full of outrage?

Include words like: Ackerman, congressman, Bill of Rights, Flushing Home of Religous Freedom.

Anonymous said...

So why were some people on the right challenging President Obama's religious beliefs before the election? Why do some continue to do so?

Anonymous said...

Jerry, print a retraction for what? There wasn't one factual error in the damned story, and Halloran himself hasn't disputed the fact that he's a pagan leader or that he has tried to hide it.

And the whole lot of you swill merchants are panicking because your only white candidate faces a possible loss to a yellow man. The racist undertone of some of the comments here about Kim are damn near sickening.

Vat iz dat you zay? Ze people ov za 19th Deestreect have noting but za best intenzions?

You're all one drop away from saying "Gook" and "chink." And for that, I hope your house gets surrounded a full 360 by new Asian residents that teach your kids and grand kids how to say "Me how" and like bak choi, you scum sucking racists.

Jerry Rotondi said...

It is not a question of errors.

I'm not criticizing the "Tribune" on the basis of factual accuracy but on the fact that they displayed a lack of journalistic ethics.

Would the story have been broken on the front page 8 months prior to their client Mr. Kim running against Mr. Halloran for C.M. Avella's seat?

I sincerely hope that you are not including me within "the whole lot of you swill merchants".

I don't abide by or indulge in such sludgery.

As you must have already noticed...I sign my posts with a name that is well respected in the community.

Why not sign your post "anonymous number six"?

Alan said...

Way to go! Anon #6 is probably "Ruffles" in disguise. Your point is right on the money. In this case, the "facts" were manipulated to make a very disturbing point about something that is a non-issue. I wonder if #6 believes in the separation of church and state? I hope the candidates could stick to the issues impacting their council district. It seems that Halloran is the better candidate and this is quite upsetting to the machine. I hope he wins!

georgetheatheist said...

"Vat iz dat you zay. Ze people ov za 19th Deestreect have noting but za best intenzions."

"Ehvree leetle breeze, seems to wheesper Louise, ze berds in ze trees seem to tweeter Louise." - Maurice Chevalier

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Queens Tribune owned by Congressman Gary Ackerman?

You might want to look into his involvement with a dangerous cult group, the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Center, Inc. located in Jamaica. James Gennaro is a member of this cult.

Gary Ackerman is so taken with Sri Chinmoy and the followers that he got the cult leader buried in his own private tennis court on Normal Road & 164th Street. Strange but true.

Go to Chinmoy's restaurant,Annam Brahma and see many photographs of Gary w/ the guru, Chinmoy. This is one of many such group busines's in the area.

Chinmoy and his cult's nonsense is always a good filler for the Queens Tribune.

Anonymous said...

Forget religion, Kim, Ackerman and the Tribune are scumbags.. Vote Halloran!

Anonymous said...

"You might want to look into his involvement with a dangerous cult group, the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Center, Inc. located in Jamaica. James Gennaro is a member of this cult."

Good catch. In Gary's own words:

What do you have to say now Shenkler, Ruffles, or any other Trib groupie?????????

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting site. Check out the letter to Ackerman:

It certainly gives a different perspective to the late spiritual leader. Check out the letter to Ackerman. Makes you wonder about the motives of Shenkler, Ackerman, and the rest of those losers. I guess picking on Halloran certainly opened up a can of worms, and yes they are slimey!!!

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

"Vat iz dat you zay. Ze people ov za 19th Deestreect have noting but za best intenzions."

Imitation? I am zinzerely flattered. By ze vay, their intentionz are to vote for me. Four more beerz er yearz!

georgetheatheist said...

Merde alors, Bloomhitler. Your accent is Gallic when it should be Teutonic.

Anonymous said...

Nice professional response Dan. i wish you were my candidate. instead I get to not vote for the unopposed Karen Kozlowitz. Thanks Bart, for screwing up the 28AD!

Anonymous said...

In any case Nussbaum/Shenkler/Ackerman ejaculated prematurely when they cooked up that "iconic" front page of theirs.

They ran it too early!

Usually this type of sneak attack is conducted at the last possible moment...ONE WEEK BEFORE THE ELECTION...leaving the opponent/victim no time to launch countermeasures in the weekly press.

Mr. Kim...if you are following any of this...I suggest you fire "Multi Media" immediately for their mediocre skills.

By'd even do better with the "Parkside Group" and that's not saying much.

Anonymous said...

I hope that "ruffles" Rafferty can find a job after his "career" at the Trib is over.

Perhaps the "National Enquirer" will pick up a man of his talents.

"Hermaphrodite gives birth to Martian baby right on top of a supermarket check out counter"!

Anonymous said...

We're hearing that a combined force of former Ianecci/Vallone supporters are throwing in for Halloran!

That's an awful lot of votes!

Be very afraid Congressman Ackerman!

It's gonna be hotter than kim chi around the 19th district this November!

Kum sa di da.

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Merde alors, Bloomhitler. Your accent is Gallic when it should be Teutonic.

Actually, it'z Garlic.

Anonymous said...

Ackerman = hypocrisy

Anonymous said...

Shenkler, Nussbaum, "ruffles" Rafferty and Ackerman probably get a cut from every "massage parlor" they runs ads for "George"!

Anonymous said...

By the way does anybody know what Reverend Sun Myung Moon is doing these days?

Is he still alive and around or gone back to (North? South?) Korea?

I believe his Unification Church is still occupying a building next to 20 West 43rd St. in Manhattan.

Seeking Justice said...

According to the latest issue of the rag aka the Queens Tribune, Schenkler not only remains unrepentant for his attack on Halloran, he continues his attack and demands to know more about his relgious practices.

Not only do I find this to be absurdly antagonistic, but it shows what length Schenkler will go to continue to advocate for the Democratic candidate Kim.

Well if he wants to ask questions, we can too! For example, what is the current relationship of U.S. Congressman Gary Ackerman who praised another cultist leader, Sri Chinmoy, at his funeral and allowed him to be buried on his property and the Queens Tribune? What the F?

We can also ask about the relationship between the MultiMedia advertising agency that is associated with the Tribune and it's relationship to the city council campaign. And what about Kim being on Ackerman's payroll prior to his run for office?

Maybe Schenkler should be asked how much money he has made from Kim's campaign as well. The week that the front page story ran, there was a very strong editorial endorsing Kim. It sure seems strange, actually it reeks of collusion.

If Schenkler were just presenting facts, as he claims, then he has done it in a manner that was meant to influence his readership and destroy Halloran's chance for a fair and equal campaign! This affront to democracy has upset many people both within the council distric and beyond.

Congressman Ackerman's role needs to be explored and I believe that letters to the Congressional Ethics Committee and the House Speaker are appropriate and necessary in order to learn the truth about this affront and the people responsible for creating this character assassination. Schenkler, you can ask all of the questions that you want to. Just bear in mind that we, the people, have a right to do the same.

georgetheatheist said...

En garde! Les trois Mouseketeers:
Shenklos, Nussbos, Ackeris. (Avec le jeune Raffertagnan).

Tous pour un, un pour tous!

Anonymous said...

The real story hear is that aging, airbag Schenkler instead of helping his client, Kim, and giving the story to the Daily News or NY Times, published it in his penny saver, therby taking a great issue away from Kim and making it boomnerang on him. But of course, between the thief Nussbaum and that aged decrepit rug merchant Schenkler, what would you expect.

Anonymous said...

Schenkler/Nussbaum/Ackerman opened more than a can of worms.

They opened up a Pandora's box of cockroaches that have flitted out of their former enclosure at lightning speed.

It will be impossible for S/N/A to recover from their front page folly just like those roaches can never be put back where they came from before they were released.

Bye, Bye, Kim and the cash flow from abroad...laundered through "church" projects into the trio's Swiss accounts!

Anonymous said...

Compared to Schenkler's "penny saver"
ass wipe...the Daily News has ethics!

Their front page is reserved for really important news stories not for running scurvy political advertising!

They wouldn't have run that Halloran hatchet job even on page 50.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?

"Ruffles" Rafferty's shit sheet isn't fit to wipe my ass!

Anonymous said...

Why was Kim accompanied by such a large retinue of "occidentals" at his College Point debate?

To make him look like a more palatable "Oriental" agent/candidate?

Anonymous said...

We all want to know more about Kim's personal religious practices Mr. Schenkler!

That's only fair game!

Why not put that on your front page...h-m-m-m-m?

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that a Congressional review of Ackerman's ethics would bring a lot out in the open. My letter's being written as we speak. How many others are going to do the same and put the pressure where it belongs? I will post my correspondence on Queens Crap when the letter is sent. I will be writing to the Ethics Committee, Pelosi (majority leader), Boehner (minority leader), and send a copy with a cover letter to Ackerman's office. Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure that all the Iannece/Vallone supporters will automatically vote for Halloran. I for one am still a little troubled by all of this Norse and Germanic mythology. You might recall that the Nazis were also very much into Germanic mythology, and wanted to do away with both Judaism and Christianity, and replace them with Germanic paganism. No, I do not think Halloran is a Nazi or a Nazi sympathizer, but I think he will have to better explain his beliefs, which in fact are really more cultural than religious, so I think the 'freedom of religion' argument is just a straw man.

Notice also that in Halloran's "I Believe in God" article, he leaves it very vague: Is he talking about the God of the Bible, or is Thor (or some other Norse figure) his God? He talks more about faith than religion, and some people are troubled by his faith.

Queens Crapper said...

If you don't think his beliefs are nazi, then why do you care about them? If they are "cultural" then that's another blow to Schenkler rag. Let's not forget we are the most vibrant, diverse borough on earth!

Anonymous said...

What gets me is that the Hallorans have been known around Flushing for DECADES. They are good people. The older, more classical looking buildings along Northern Blvd were built by the Hallorans. We should thank them for their pleasant architecture which stands in stark contrast to the crap that has been built there over the past few years.

Seriously, does anyone care what Halloran does in his private club? No one would give a shit if Kim said he was a Mason, yet they are pretty damn mysterious and won't let the press into their meetings.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me most about religion is divisiveness.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and this Trib piece wasn't divisive.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and this Trib piece wasn't divisive.

And the check is in the mail!

Anonymous said...

Dated but relevant:

Maybe this explains all of the whore ads in the Trib, especially the Asian establishmnents that are proliferating in the borough of Queens!

Anonymous said...

Oh! That Michael Nussbaum:

Queens Crapper said...

For clickability's sake:

No Shanghai Nights for the Playboy Bunny

Queens Inquiry Said To Name Nussbaum

A Nussbaum for a Queens Council Seat

Anonymous said...

Anyone else catch this in the last link?

UPDATE: The editor of the Queens Tribune, Michael Schenkler, emailed to say: "Azi, I have a lot of friends in and running for office. It doesn't affect our coverage. Mike won't be involved editorially and on opinion pieces, the relationship will be disclosed."

Anonymous said...

in 1982, the bayside/auburndale parents were stunned that the local k-6 grade ,P.S.130, at 42 avenue/francis lewis blvd.,was ordered closed, and to be auctioned off for$ 1.5million. after years of legal action and d.o.i. work,the building was to be sold at auction. the n.y.c.commissioner of real property "inadvertently" added the adjacent school yard,playground and park to the sale?when complaints
were made to the b.s.a,the commissioner was "corrected". strangely,none of the groups who were going to bid showed up at the auction?do you think a political land grab was exposed?one news report stated that warner cable was going to bid.b.p.manes.d.dinkins and p.sutton were major stock holders in b/q/cable,which was eventually bought by time/warner cable. the community ,in
2009, still has use of this playspace. but in 1986,the cuny law school replaced the local pupils,who still ride buses each day ,for a mile. 300 pupils from flushing have occupied the building,since the most left-leaning law pupils left
for L.I.C.

is this not a "CRAPPY"way to treat a community,by
the n.y.c.democratic machine?

Anonymous said...

Methinks that
"ruffles" Rafferty and his boys are posting again.

Do you really think the demographics will support Kim?

Turnout might have been high for a primary but this is also a mayoral election!

MORE PEOPLE WILL BE VOTING despite the "church" buses dropping off people at the polls.

I hope they're from the district.

Anonymous said...

get off of your norse/thor /nazi 1940,the national socialist party,(nazi's), of germany invaded
Norway. a Norwegian official, Quisling ,sold his nation
out to hitler.Quisling = TRAITOR.HE WAS HUNG.

the Norwegian patriots risked their lives to blow up the nazi heavy water plant at Telemark,Norway in 1944. this prevented the nazi's from developing the
atom bomb before the United States.

my wife existed under nazi occupation for five years in Norway.the allied forces saved her family.

is the tribune gang followers of stalinism and naziism?
read:"assault on Norway" by tom galagher
:ski's against the atom" by knut haukelid

Anonymous said...

Let's look at the facts Kevin Kim is a Real Estate Attny that represents real estate developers. This was said by him in college point debate. Dan Halloran has lived here most of his life and comes from a family of Police and Fireman that served our community for over a 100 years.
Dans-our man! Vote Nov 3rd Let your voice be heard!