Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quinn suddenly discovers College Point

From NY1:

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's office has launched its own investigation into the delayed restoration of gas service for residents living in the Schleicher Court Mansion in College Point.


Anonymous said...

People. Don't give up. We won some elections and lost some but the fight isn't over. Contact your city council member and tell them you don't want them to vote Quinn for speaker. Quinn is vulnerable. She did a lot of damage to us for her own ambition. Let us kick her while she is down. She barely received above 50 % in her reelection. We need to clean this system. Keep voting them out and the system will be cleaned. But the apathy only helps them. Barely 7% if registered democrats voted in the runoff. That is why we have a liar and crook as a comptroller now. Shame.

Anonymous said...

Councilor Quinn was actually once very helpful to the kids in Whitestone. We needed some new books for the library at PS 79 and she donated some from her own family's collection of fine Shakespeare and Camus.

Queens Crapper said...

Of course she donated it. Shanty Irish don't read that stuff.