Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spicing up Elmhurst

Click photo for story.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and story.

Anonymous said...

They are very beuatiful pictures and it is a wonderful story.
It just upsets me very much that if this happened in Maspeth or Middle Village most people on this blog and especially the blog's founder and moderator would succumb to their NIMBY roots and shout it down however they could just to keep black and hispanic kids out of their neighborhood.
Please dont try to insult us and say that it's not true.

Queens Crapper said...

Hey asshole, let me educate you on the high school issue. I personally scouted out huge manufacturing locations in MASPETH, made a list of them and suggested that that high school be built there - in MASPETH. It fell on deaf ears.

At least 50% of my block is black and Hispanic and we all get along just fine.

The fact is that the current site for the Maspeth high school is in a bad area traffic wise and on top of that is contaminated. I guess you think it's ok to send black and Hispanic kids to a contaminated high school. I don't.

Shove your knee-jerk Bunkerisms up your ass.

gov. arnold schwarzenegger said...

Ach Krepper, zat vas anudder gut von! Harr-harr.

Anonymous said...

Crappy knows exactly what he is talking about. We have a contaminated site in Long Island City that houses the School of Technology here.

Children are being poisoned left and right. My niece was supposed to go to that school, and I would have been overjoyed since it is near me, but mama put her foot down and selected a school closer to home after 9/11.

I'm so glad she did. Nobody's children should be exposed to industrial poisons. I wonder whether the racebaiters have rocks in their heads, or just dollar signs in their eyes.