Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Brother now watching building inspectors

From the Gotham Gazette:

The program comes amid building department efforts to cope with a year of controversy that, among other reforms, resulted in the resignation of former Commissioner Patricia Lancaster last year. The latest scandal came last week when six inspectors were arrested for bribery, and prosecutors accused the Luchese crime family of infiltrating the department.

Over the past five years, the Buildings Department has seen at least one bribery incident every year. Often inspectors themselves reported the bribe attempt to the Department of Investigations, which then worked with buildings to arrest the briber.

Tracking will certainly not solve all the department's problems. Knowing the location of an inspector does not immediately reveal wrongdoing in cases like bribery, said buildings department's spokesperson Tony Sclafani.

"This is one step to ensure integrity, but it's obviously -- it's not going to be the catch-all," said Sclafani.


Anonymous said...

GPS what?

Unless there's a live video feed to capture images of money being slipped into the inspectors' pockets by the buildings' owners it doesn't mean shit!

Anonymous said...

At least now they are facing in the right direction. Now to go after people who overdevelop and disregard approved building plans....

Joe said...

Now the inspector's can pass the GPS radios off to clients, friends and take whole days off.
Lancastors a f_ idiot she should know these city employees have there own buddy system by now!!

Anonymous said...

If the inpectors spend too much time at Rao's restaurant, you know something is wrong.