Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lenox Hill Hospital in trouble

Lenox Hill Hospital bleeding money

One of New York's last independent hospitals is on life support and looking for a transfusion.

Lenox Hill Hospital has been hemorrhaging money for years and is looking for a merger or an affiliation, according to Crain's New York Business. Officials say losses over the last five years total $165 million.

What was that about just crossing the bridge for medical treatment?


Anonymous said...

Who cares about Lennox Hill Hospital allow it to close down like St Johns in Queens. Let the rich die of heart attacks if they have to travel 3 avenues over to York Ave where there are dozens of Mega rich world class hospitals for them.

Unless of course Lennox Hill want to seel their property and rent the empty QB facility of St Johns!

What's up doc/ said...

It won't close.

Billionaire Bloomberg will bail them out with a major donation because he's got his suite (should he need it) reserved for him there.

Lino said...

I wonder if in those losses they count the new curtain wall (Park ave @ 77th) and massive renovations inside over the last half decade.

As part of those renovations they now have no internal parking for their ambulances and they line 77th st bet. Lex and Park.

Anonymous said...

Middle class NYers like me and medicare patients need lennox hill for the great specialists they have. But what the hell, $160 mil in the hole???

Anonymous said...

heh heh heh

What did I say? What happens in LIC-Astoria today will be in your back yard tomorrow.

Little doubt, like ugly development with no supporting infrastrucute, or the upwelling of acidreflux from the tummy, when things get bad in Vallontown the bile just flows up the pipe to Manahattan.

You had better care what happens in Queens. Its just plain stupid not to.

Ignore it and it will be in your face anyways.

Anonymous said...

$160 mil in the hole???
$160 is and easy number thats only going to grow.
Illegals and all the kids they AND CANT PAY FOR are killing them.
Look at any public school in Queens....Busting at the seams

Anonymous said...

They are in a hole because all the illegals come from Queens and the Bronx to use their Emergency Room. There is less waiting time at Lexon Hill. Much less crowded than Elmhurst General and just a subway ride away.

Anonymous said...

The mayor wants the middle class NYers or anybody not with him to GTF out of his city.

Hannah said...

Jamaica's Mary Immaculate is officially being auctioned on Oct. 16. I took a inside tour of the building last week, you can listen to it here:

Anonymous said...

What "great specialists" anonymous?? They all left and went to the more professional, financially sound hospitals 5-6 years ago. Lenox Hill is riding its UES 1970s-1990s reputation which is rapidly deteriorating.