Friday, October 9, 2009

MTA not going your way this weekend

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- If you are planning on taking the subway this weekend think again.

Check the Schedule Changes Here

The MTA is planning more than two-dozen service changes across the system dues to repairs -- nearly every line normally running on the weekend, aside from the M train, will be re-routed at some point.

Straphangers will be forced to use shuttle buses to gain access to skipped stations on the No. 5 in the Bronx; the A in upper Manhattan; the E in Queens; and the F, G, L and Rockaway Park Shuttle in Brooklyn.


panzer65 said...

"Aside from the M Train", that figures,giving the fact that this line was rated to have the worst stations in the system.

Anonymous said...

not to mention, most of the time it only runs for about 6 stations anyway.

You can never just take the M train and assume its going to go where you expect it to. depending on on time of day, lunar cycle, and the Mayan calendar year, it MIGHT go more than a few stops before turning back around.

Taxpayer said...

But didn't the Commissar tell us that HE was going to change all this?

Oh. OK! I understand now.

He was just flapping his lips in a campaign for an illegal third term.

Say anything. The fools will vote for you no matter how obvious the lies.

Are you one of the Commissar's fools?

Do you accept his insults when he lies at you?

Or, are you better than that? Do you have far more dignity than to let someone like the Commissar shit all over you with his lies?

Do you believe it should be YOU controlling your future?

Or, should you be controlled by someone who loathes your very existence?

Take control.

Dump the lying Commissar!

Use Nov. 3 to take control.

Fail to take control and the Commissar will never hesitate to control you for the next 4, 8, 12 ... years.

Why wait. He's not important. You are.

Dump this shit on Nov. 3.