Friday, October 9, 2009

Aldi still looking for land

From B-Net:

Aldi is indeed getting set to settle in Queens, with a plan to deliver its first New York store in 2010.

Now, the company only has to settle on a site. Spokesperson Heather Tarczan told Bnet that property selection is ongoing, and that Aldi had not reached a final decision on where it would initiate operations, although it has deals in hand. The major problem is that the company doesn’t want to compromise on real estate. “For the most part, we prefer to own the land versus leasing it or renting it,” she said.

But Queens is pretty densely settled. In fact, the borough’s population of over two million tops that of all but a handful of cities in the United States. Aldi will lease if that’s what’s necessary to establish its presence in the borough and New York, but it’s still trying to find a two to three acre piece of land at a suitable price where it can build one of its typically 17,000 square foot stores.


Anonymous said...

I am very familiar with Aldi - a high quality low priced format - a bit different than most supermarket formats and endorse their offerrings. However the stores I have frequented are all up state in rural areas where land and key locations even to rent are dirt cheap and this is a key to making their format successful. I don't see how their existing store format would work - however they are one of Germany's largest supermaket chains and maybe introducing a more urban model for our area. I do hope they establish themselfs in Queens as their prices are very low and offerrings are European flavored and high quality.

Anonymous said...

Put one in the Atlas Mall. Put a Walmart there too!

Anony2 said...

Hey Aldi, I have a piece of Willets Point to sell you!