Friday, October 9, 2009

More proof that Bloomberg school stats are phony

From the Daily News:

A Queens school is under investigation for inflating the grades of several failing students - promoting them although they flunked math and couldn't do the work.

Teachers say administrators at Public School 147 in Cambria Heights doctored failing grades into passing ones and bumped seventh-graders up to eighth grade.

"I was told that no students were going to summer school this year, so everyone had to pass," math teacher Darren Johnson said.

Copies of student evaluation forms obtained by the Daily News show two math teachers at PS 147 failed nine seventh-graders with a final score of 55. But copies of three of the students' report cards - dated two weeks later - show a final grade of 65.

An Education Department spokeswoman said neither the principal nor agency officials would comment because the investigation is ongoing.

Some of the students who flunked rarely turned in homework assignments, teachers said, and could not perform basic algebra problems. Most did not pass the state math exams. One student was late 52 days.

Johnson, who resigned last month, says an assistant principal told him PS 147 could not pay for summer school.

The Education Department pays for summer school only for children who get the lowest possible score on state exams. Schools must dip into their budgets to pay for extra help for other kids, including those who failed a class.


Anonymous said...

has anyone read of the follow up to allegations,that a elementary school principal was charging tuition for out of district students, last year?the story ran in the newspapers. the school is located in C.S.D.26. was the case an error or was it avoided?

Taxpayer said...

We have the opportunity now to flunk the criminal who masterminded this theft of education from kids.

Let's all flunk the Commissar on Nov. 3.

We can promote him to the train to Boston. Are Bostonians smart enough to refuse him entry to their city?

We need to be smarter. Let's refuse him permission to stay in New York.

Dump the turd!

Anonymous said...

That school was PS-203. My daughter used to go there. I'll ask around, but have heard nothing (BTW, the reason she COULD do it was the amazing scores the do get)

One little thing that they did NOT point out. The Principal there also used to make life a living hell for borderline students. Say your child was in special ed and was mainstreamed - she would do everything she could to push that child off on one of the other local schools to keep her stats up.

I believe that the principal is/was expected to retire either the end of last year, or the end of this, as she's been there for decades

Anonymous said...

And yet Bloomtard is using Thompson's history as head of the Board of Ed against him. Why doesn't Thompson counter with the current state if affairs? Boy is Bloomturd a dirty fighter. Progress, not politics MY ASS!!!!!

Gary the Agnostic said...

Cooked books again. What do you think the stats will show next year, regardless of who gets elected?

Anonymous said...

Cheating is going on EVERYWHERE, especially in poor-performing districts. It has to be. The students haven't changed, only the grading system. And who are they hurting in the end? It's so obvious the DOE does not have the kid's best interest at heart. Their only objective is to break down the union, deny tenure and and prepare kids for tests and not life.

Notice how the loser principal punished that teacher by giving him a U rating for the year(very devastating) all because he wouldn't "play the game". GOOD FOR HIM! I really hope more teachers come forward about the abusive behavior going on towards them in the schools. More accountability MY ASS. It's like MORE ABUSE.

Don't worry Klein. The jig is almost up. Your shitty, abusive policies are finally coming to light. You're finally being exposed as the fraud that you are. This is what we get when we put lawyers in charge of schools. It's funny how they blame Thompson for the old Board of Ed's problems when that was decades in the making.

I sincerely hope voters do the right thing and send Bloomscum packing next month.

Anonymous said...

if a principal is illegally enrolling pupils from outside the school district boundry,how is that the fault of the mayor? if she is taking a bribe from the illegal parents,are both not committing a crime? do the illegal immigrants get a pass on law and order ? are
teacher"s union members immune from prosecution for their crimes against the n.y.c. taxpayers?
why are the taxpayers footing the cost of busing all these illegal immigrant's children,to schools in queens.

could John C.Liu answer this question? he was chairman of the transportation committee in the n.y.c. council, for eight years.
how many more school buses will be on the streets,when liu is the comptroller of city finances?
you better look for a another part time job,he will want your money.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said:
"if a principal is illegally enrolling pupils from outside the school district boundry,how is that the fault of the mayor? if she is taking a bribe from the illegal parents,are both not committing a crime? do the illegal immigrants get a pass on law and order ? are
teacher"s union members immune from prosecution for their crimes against the n.y.c. taxpayers? ..."

- - -

Read the Commissar's campaign ads. See them on TV hear them on the radio.

This arrogant moron takes credit for all sorts of accomplishments that never occurred, and, even if some did occur, he never had any hand in making them occur.

The Commissar is the manager of all city agencies and all city employees. Whatever they do, they do under his control. (Or does he want to now tell us that that he is not in control of all at all times?)

He's in control. The praise and the blame is always his own.

When you have a disagreement with some private business, don't you immediately demand to talk to the manager? Don't you expect that the manager will accept responsibility for any problem that occurs, even on his days off? You will not listen to the whining of the manager.

Same deal and more with the Commissar.

Why is he spending $100 million of his own plus many 10s of millions of our tax dollars to be rehired for a job (illegally) if he plans to lay off responsibility on his lackeys way down the chain?

He won't take control?

You take control.

Dump this miserable moron.

There IS a reason he wants this power!

Don't allow him ANY more power.

Dump him!

Anonymous said...

the investigation is ongoing guys ...
it'll conclude after the mayoral race get a clue

Anonymous said...

re; taxpayer you deny that there are union leaders in the n.y.c. school system who "control" the working stiffs in the class rooms?are not these "professional educators" beholden to their chosen ,dues paid, cult leaders. does there exist a"rubber room"at the tweed dept.of education ? i hear that nearly a thousand so-called educators get a full paycheck for reading newspapers and playing chess, till the union leaders call it day for them.
does not the union, bus these so-called educators to
Albany to protest the representatives in new york, if they hint that a bill will lower their income and benefits. even during a recession,when this state has a 10% private enterprise unemployment rate ,where do you think the revenue that pays the free-loaders in the rubber room comes from? taxes,taxes that the unemployed can no longer pay, because they do not have a job.
if your union tax scammers start supporting lawmakers that care about fiscal state affairs, rather than social engineering,we all could survive.

Anonymous said...

As a nyc teacher this does not surprise me at all. This happens all over the city. I get 9th graders who can't ad/sub/mul/div fractions!! Teachers these days are pressured to pass kids so that principals can look good. But these kids don't know anything. As this perpetuates other nations will be laughing at what we call education. American colleges are also plagued with sub-standard students.