Friday, October 9, 2009

Ceiling on my head in Brooklyn

From the Daily News:

Jeannette Gustav's home is literally falling down around her. "The ceiling in the bathroom fell one day.

The hallway fell, and the kitchen fell," she said. "Everything fell."

Nearly a month after the ceilings collapsed, Gustav's Flatbush apartment is still strewn with rubble, and black mold covers the bathroom walls.

Landlord Kalman Zimmerman hasn't made repairs despite repeated requests, she said.

"I'm trying to get an apartment. I'm trying to get out of here," said Gustav, 53, a home health aide, who shares the one-bedroom apartment with her 18-year-old daughter.

"There's always trouble. It's no way to live."

Zimmerman has wracked up a whopping 259 housing code violations at the two adjacent buildings he owns on E. 22nd St. - allegedly failing to fix leaking and collapsing ceilings, broken locks, bedbug, cockroach, and rat infestations, among other problems.

He showed up for a meeting with tenants three weeks ago and promised to start repairs - but hasn't been heard from since, they charged. Squatters have taken up residence in the basement, climbing in through a gaping hole in the wall.


ceiling on my head lady said...

Stay strong Ms. Gustav, you're not the only one. My prayers go with you.

Anonymous said...

It comes down from the top!
In more ways than one. Thank our mayor for your ceiling being on the floor.

contact the Mayor's Community Affairs unit to thank him for being such a slob

Bloomberg is responsible for landlords getting nothing more than a pat on the back in NYC Housing Court when they should be getting fined heavily.They then have to pay these fines to the City. after a certain number of violations the City can put the building in rem, taking it away from the landlord. The tenants can then own their building.

But since the real estate lobby thinks that they have more rights than a mere tenant, the best you can do right now is rent abatements.

What happened in Albany in September was about Real Estate. On Sept. 9, they were going to vote on very tenant friendly bills that struck terror into the hearts of landlords, it would have meant roll backs in rents for thousands of apartments. On Sept. 8, the Republicans & the real estate interests created chaos in order to not hold this vote and take the voters attention away from these issues.

call 311 and make sure the complaint is lodged w/ HPD and the DOB. You can always take your landlord to Housing Court for an HP action.

in the meantime, with hold rent. that usually lights the fire, gets them going & inspires them to fix up the place.

You can put in for rent abatement w/ the DHCR for your own apartment, (reduction in services) and Reduction in services for the entire building

Anonymous said...

This is a time honored tactic of NYC slumlords, a special breed of parasite.

Don't do repairs, the tenants will leave and you can jack up the rent for the next fool to come along.

btw, based on this you don't have to sign any lease renewals, you can argue that the rent should not be raised due to the fact you are not only not getting repairs, but you were harmed in the process.

Check out local Law 7 regarding this.

Mold is the highest violation for the HPD.
call 311 and complain on a daily basis.