Friday, October 9, 2009

City's case 'concrete'


A concrete-testing lab indicted for faking reports brazenly kept working on construction sites even after the city suspended its license, The Post has learned.

Stallone Testing Laboratories did strength tests on concrete at half a dozen buildings across town last month despite the Buildings Department ban on July 31, officials said.

The tests, to show if cement has been mixed properly, are required by law to make sure structures are safe.

Buildings officials caught Stallone working at a high-rise at 770 11th Ave. on Aug. 12 and promptly slapped the firm with an additional violation.

Department spokesman Tony Sclafani said follow-up tests would determine if the concrete was properly mixed there and at the other structures.


Taxpayer said...

Why weren't the owners arrested immediately for operating without a license?

Oh! Wait! I get it!

They are cronies of the Commissar.

Money has already changed hands. Mustn't touch now. Commissar's orders. He's already spent the money.

Want this to the be way DOB operates? Vote for the Commissar.

If, not, dump the prick!

Anonymous said...

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down...

Anonymous said...

Wiseguys for Bloomberg

The C-Ment Lobby Speaks