Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let's hear directly from Dan Halloran

He also is one of a handful of candidates to respond to the Queens Civic Congress' questionnaire.

Concentrating on overdevelopment? Traffic? Quality of life? No mention of being vibrant and diverse? I understand why the Queens Machine is concentrating on his personal business. This chap is running on an anti-tweeding platform.


Anonymous said...

I understand the clubhouse is issuing Halloran hunting licenses.

They've declared open season on him.

But if Halloran wins it'll be open season on the tweeders!

Taxpayer said...

Want to throw sand into the Queens Machine?

Vote for Dan Halloran.

If the machine hates him so much that they will openly attack his religious beliefs, that's a sign that he needs to be elected.

The Commissar claims to now be a Republican. How has this Dem-repub-ind-WFP-repub supported Dan Halloran? How has the Commissar spoken out against the use of religion in a campaign? How has Ragusa supported Halloran?

Throw sand. Vote for Halloran.

Anonymous said...

"The Commissar claims to now be a Republican." No he doesn't. He's clearly a tax-and-spend liberal Dem.

"How has Ragusa supported Halloran?"

Becasue they are both Republicans.

"Vote for Halloran."

I agree.

Anonymous said...

the destroy at any cost.left-wing three stooges,have taken their instructions right out of their marxist bible.


another agent,Weather Underground convicted ,local bomb-maker,Bill Ayers is reportedly the author of the
Obama book. check out the rebuilt site at 11th street/fifth avenue,south side.where,in 1970's, he and his wife and gang killed three.they escaped. they were planning to blow up a Fort Dix,N.J military dance.

to have a voice in our city government,we must vote this marxist CRAP out now.

Anonymous said...

Lets just do the best thing for our community, by perserving it from outside developers such as Kim and supporters!
Vote Halloran on Nov. 3!

p.s. If we dont vote on Nov 3rd it is a vote Kim and developers!

Let you vote count!

Anonymous said...

Asians will most likely vote Kim
Whites will likely vote Halloran

Such a shame it has to be that way.

Anonymous said...

He looks ready and able to lead.
Speaks well in front of people, seems informed, quick witted, spontaneous, natural.
I think he'll be good for the area.

Anonymous said...

The best thing Crapper can do for a candidate is NOT endorse them.